Superior Plumbing conducts sump pump installations and replaсements in Edmonton around the clock. Our certified plumbers are up for helping you at any time of day or night! The company provides same-day services – the workers will arrive as soon as possible after your call is received. Contact Superior Plumbing to book the service right now!

Do plumbers install sump pumps?

Superior Plumbing local licensed plumbers in Edmonton are the ultimate specialists you are looking for when googling “sump pump installation near me”. We guarantee prompt quality plumbing service to all customers, so that you do not have to worry about your sump pump malfunctioning. Call us now to hear more about sump pump installation service!

Can I install a sump pump myself?

Only if you used to be a plumber in your previous life. Installing a sump pump involves a lot of delicate and demanding work that can only be done by a qualified professional. In this case, DIYing is not an option. Superior Plumbing licensed plumbers will make sure the installation is done professionally and with no delays. Call us now!

Where is the best place to put a sump pump?

Typically, the item should be installed in the lowest point of your house to drain water effectively. However, if it is not an option, a drain tile system is built to ensure the correct direction of the water flow. Usually, the fixture is placed in the basement, where a special pit is dug for it. Sometimes it is recommended to put gravel or a concrete plate underneath the pump. Plumbing specialists at Superior Plumbing will pick the best spot in your house to install the sump pump and will do it in a timely manner. Contact us now to receive your plumbing service in no time!

How many years does a sump pump last?

The duration of the operation depends on the quality of its maintenance. However, after 7-10 years of operation, it is recommended to think of a sump pump replacement, as repair may be useless at this point. The key to prolonging your fixture’s life is to care for it properly. Systematic inspections and check-ups can lengthen the life of your sump pump. Contact Superior Plumbing to know more about the correct sump pump maintenance.

Is replacing a sump pump easy?

Sump pump replacement is relatively easier than installing it. Yet, it is still wiser to leave it to the licensed plumbers, as there are many nuances that need to be taken into account. One of such factors is the size and power of the sump pump. Depending on your house, there needs to be a sump pump with fitting power. The fixture, which has less capacity to handle the possible water volume, will be ineffective in case of an emergency. Superior Plumbing will be delighted to advise you on the best sump pump that would be suitable for your particular house, as well as replace it in a blink of an eye!

Is a battery backup sump pump worth it?

A backup sump pump is an essential tool to own if you have a sump pump. In case of a flood, it is possible that the power may be out. When this happens, and the main sump pump stops working, the backup one kicks in. Because it operates on a battery, it is able to replace the primary pump. Its float switch is located right above the main one, which allows it to identify when the sump pump stopped working. Having a backup unit will save you money for repair services and provide the needed assistance in extreme situations.

How much does it cost to install a sump pump?

The installation and replacement of a sump pump price in Edmonton may fluctuate, judging from different circumstances. Superior Plumbing tries to objectively estimate all the plumbing works to leave our customers satisfied both with the quality and the cost of the service. Our service calls will only cost you 99$! In addition to that, we have developed a large list of discounts and personalized offers just for our clients. Feel free to check them out on our website!