What to do when your kitchen sink backs up into the tub?

The clogged plumbing facilities issue is certainly not welcome for our dwellings, especially when it comes to the backup obstacles with your kitchen or bathroom sink. These vital plumbing fixtures play a tremendous role in our coziness. And when one of them “gets injured,” it is essential to take all the effective measures to get rid of the problem as quickly as it is only possible.

Eliminating backup is not that easy! But Superior Plumbing & Heating is always ready and well-equipped to fight with all intruders of your calm life.

What can cause a drain backup?

Blockages of pipes and drains are probably the most frequent problem with which clients turn to us. But fortunately, as they say, “Every cloud has a silver lining!” This trouble has been so examined through the decades that there are many ways to deal with it. But before we get acknowledged about them, you first need to understand what causes blockages and how to avoid such unpleasant consequences.

Most often, blockages occur due to improper use of plumbing fixtures. Do not forget that it is categorically not recommended to throw large garbage into the drain. Also, small debris can become the cause of blockage in your sewage system โ€” for example, various watermelon seeds, small crumbs, and so on. Do not forget about the dangers of vegetable fats on the condition of your kitchen drain.

How often do you maintain and clean up your sewer system?

Plumbers advise to carry out professional cleaning of the sewer at least twice a year. These precautions make it possible to extend the life of your sewage and prevent its wear & tear system as much as possible. Furthermore, to resist blockages in your kitchen drain in advance, you can use a particular garbage disposal device. This device has already proven itself in thousands of Canadian homes and apartments.

How to unclog a your bathtub drain?

Sometimes people face their kitchen sink backing up into the bathroom sink or even the bathtub. Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon. Because of a blockage somewhere in your sewer line, the main aim for the water is to find any exit.

Since the blockage can be anywhere, it is imperative to entrust the issue of its removal to professional plumbers. Our guys have the most modern equipment and a lot of experience under their belts gained in battles with the culprits of plumbing equipment failures.

What is drain snaking and how does it work?

The most effective and common way our plumbers use is snaking. This method has probably been used from the very beginning of the sewerage existence in its modern form. Although it is rather primitive, this fact does not take away its effectiveness.

A long metal wire is inserted into the drain of your sink, the appearance of which resembles a snake. This is where the name comes from. Then, if a blockage is found, it is pushed into the central sewer. That’s it! Since using this method is a risk of damaging the pipes, which will lead to even more obstacles, we advise you to resort to the help of people who know their business.

How hard is it to tackle a clogged bathroom sink issue?

As we wrote earlier, food waste and vegetable fat can cause kitchen drain and sewer clogging. And what about your bathroom sink or bathtub? Here, the sewer backup is associated with an accumulation of hair or domestic animal fur in the sewage line. Also, various scrubs and oils that moisturize the skin contain fats that can stagnate in the sewer pipes.

How to unclog a bathroom sink?

There are many supporters and opponents of the use of chemicals for cleaning sewers on the Internet forums. Chemicals can be used to clean out the drain in your bathroom sink. But doing this very often is strongly discouraged since there is a high probability of severely damaging the pipes due to the aggressiveness of the chemicals. Also, the frequent use of chemicals can damage your health and the environment.

Therefore, it is best to seek high-quality services from our local plumber instead. Our comprehensive sewer cleaning methods will help you forget about the problem for a very long time. Contact our operator right now and book an appointment with our specialist!