My toilet is backed up โ€“ what to do?

What can be a more unpleasant problem to deal with than your toilet backing up? This mishap can lead to several unfavourable consequences related both to the state of your bathroom and the comfort of your day-to-day life. Superior Plumbing will happily assist you in repairing your toilet and resolving the backup in no time. Our certified local plumbers carry out the job swiftly and with no delays. We will arrive at your place at any time, even at night, to ensure the safety of our clients. Our professional operators will guide you through the necessary steps to prevent further damage while the plumber is on their way.

When you encounter a serious problem like a backup, you need to know as much as possible about its reasons and solutions. In the following article, we cover the most popular questions about toilet backup and its repair. If you have any further queries, contact Superior Plumbing!

Why does my toilet keep clogging?

Toilet blockage can occur for multiple reasons. First, of course, is because of the objects that are not supposed to be flushed. Various pads, food, very common backups, and other foreign items that do not dissolve in the water can cause extensive clogging and damage to the drain. The second is toilet paper. If the toilet paper is too thick, or you use too much of it, it can block the sewer system. Another reason why your toilet is clogged may be due to the jammed toilet trap or vent. It is also possible that your toilet does not have enough flow pressure to flush everything properly. To prevent future blockages, it is recommended not to flush any foreign objects and materials down the drain, use the toilet paper moderately and replace the toilet timely.

It is important not to try and remove a clog yourself. If you notice any signs of a blocked toilet, call Superior Plumbing right away. Our local professional plumbers will inspect your fixture attentively to determine the nature of the clog and provide the best solution for it. Superior Plumbing provides toilet replacement services around the clock. If you have no clue about which model to choose, we will provide you with a wide catalogue of various plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers will help you in selecting just the right one! Our team consists only of certified workers so that the customers can be sure about the quality of our services. Contact us now!

Why does my toilet back up into my tub?

A properly functioning toilet flushes the wastewater down the drain to the sewer line, which then connects to the sewer main. If you see your bathtub backing up wastewater, that means that either the sewer line or sewer main are clogged. When there is an obstruction in the piping system, the flushed water has nowhere to go. Because a toilet is situated higher, your tub will back up. You should not ignore this issue. Wastewater contains an enormous amount of bacteria that can be harmful to a human being if inhaled, ingested, or even simply touched. That is why you should eliminate the problem as soon as it occurs (as well as use gloves and a mask when doing so).

Superior Plumbing works on a same-day basis. We arrive at your house promptly after your initial order. With our licensed plumbers, you do not have to wait for ages. We are always just around the corner! Local plumbers will deal with backup using the most updated methods and equipment. Call Superior Plumbing today to get the swiftest and most quality plumbing service in your area!

Why is my basement toilet backing up?

When a toilet in your basement backs up, it is a very prominent indication that there is something wrong with the main sewer line. The sewer main is the most important sewer line in the house, as it unites all the other lines together. If it is clogged, then major issues may arise, among which backups are very common. Because the basement is the lowest point of the house, any flushing at the upper stories with the sewer main clogged will cause the basement toilet to back up. A less solid blockage may lead to weird noises from fixtures like gurgling and bubbling sounds as well. For example, in case you hear any weird sounds coming from your toilet while using the washing machine, get the sewer lines checked as soon as possible!

Cleaning a clogged sewer main is not a simple task and requires professional assistance. Most pipes in this situation are located underground, so you will not be able to access the clog yourself. Although many plumbing companies provide services, which entail a lot of digging, Superior Plumbing offers trenchless pipe cleaning and repairs. We use a CCTV camera to locate the jam and eliminate it using efficient tools like a plumbing snake or a hydro-jet. A flooded basement is a nasty issue. Call Superior Plumbing, and we will be delighted to repair your basement toilet backup in a blink of an eye! Contact us now!

Ways to unclog a toilet

Of course, you can try using baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water to unclog the toilet. However, there is no guarantee that these homemade methods will work. Actually, it seldom works. In the best-case scenario, you will eliminate a minor obstruction. In the worst – it will make the blockage even more significant. Surely, it is entirely up to you whether to damage your sewer system. Nevertheless, a sensible decision for this matter would be to rely on qualified professionals.

Superior Plumbing uses modern methods for clearing drains, such as snaking and hydro-jetting. These techniques allow for a fast and harmless unclogging without the need to dismantle half of your piping system. Local certified plumbers are available day and night and will make sure that the procedure is performed correctly and with no delays. Thanks to snaking and hydro-jetting, resolving a blockage in the sewer system has become easy and fast. A backup is a problem that cannot wait a second. The more time you lose – the bigger the damage becomes. Call Superior Plumbing right away and our plumbers will ensure that you and your plumbing system will be in expertly trained hands!

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger

As it was mentioned before in this article, various homemade methods of unclogging a toilet, such as vinegar, baking soda, and so on, are rarely effective. Such issues as backups should only be solved by an experienced professional. Superior Plumbing qualified licensed plumbers use solely modern, up-to-date equipment to ensure the safety and efficiency of the services.

There are two common types of tools employed for unclogging: plumbing snakes and hydro-jets. A plumbing snake is useful when the obstruction is not extensive and is easily movable. The plumber is able to push such clogs further down the drain, where the pipes are wider, or just pull them out.

On the other hand, hydro-jetting is used when the jam is solid and impossible to get rid of by hand. A hydro-jet breaks the clog by striking it with a high-pressure water stream. This method does not involve any chemicals and is completely eco-friendly. Despite a common myth that hydro-jetting damages the piping system, it does not. Unless your sewer is old or damaged in and of itself, a hydro-jet will not make it worse. On the contrary, the water stream will make the drains spotless and prevent future clogs.

Superior Plumbing offers these services to our customers. We want our clients to save time and money, and that is why we recommend referring to snaking and hydro-jetting. To care even more about your budget, we have developed an extensive system of discounts and special offers that you can check out on our website! Even though the cost of backup repair services varies from one case to another, the service call price always remains at the level of $99. It is fixed and included in the final bill.

Superior Plumbing respects our clients and always puts them as our top priority! Do not hesitate to contact us today to get the best deal for the high-quality plumbing service!