Things homeowners should know about septic system drain field repair

Before moving on to fixing procedures, it is worthwhile to figure out what the term Septic Drain Field is about. In general, few homeowners install a septic system since most dwellings are somehow connected to the central sewer line of their city or village. Therefore, such a system is installed by people whose houses are not connected to the main sewerage system and those who are determined to fight for environmental friendliness. A need to repair a septic drain field is common in rural areas due to this complex invention’s sensitivity and maintenance ignoring tendency. Don’t want to be among those who put such queries into search anymore? Read this article to the end!

How does the septic drain field operate?

So you used pure water, no matter for what purpose. But precisely after use, in most cases, the water becomes polluted, and simply pouring it into the soil would be medieval barbarism. Therefore, the dirty water flows through the pipes and drains of our system into a special septic tank. And what happens next?
This unit cleans water from various fats, oils, detergents, large debris, and so on. The tank contains a special antiseptic liquid, which helps to purify the water. Also, an effluent filter is installed in the septic tank in newer systems, allowing the tank’s work to be even more productive and better.

The next step is the leaching bin. And again, what is it?

It is another system of several perforated polyvinyl chloride drain pipes (usually six) that disperse the water. The water is also filtered by small stones and sand that surrounds these PVC pipes. Then the treated water enters the soil without causing any harm to the environment. That’s it!

Now let’s take a look at the causes and types of breakdowns. First, it is worth mentioning the basic rules for operating this system. Like a centralized sewage system, a septic one provides them for its correct use. It is highly undesirable to throw large garbage into the sewer of this type since the chances of not getting stuck in it are much less than in a centralized sewage system.

As in a traditional sewerage system, great attention must be paid to the installation since an unprofessional installation or installation from unscrupulous plumbers can lead to severe blockages and breakdowns.

Also, when installing, you should consider your needs for using the sewer system and, depending on the frequency of its use, choose a septic tank that suits you in size. Otherwise, with intensive use, the entire system may not cope with the load, which will lead to breakdowns. You should also be wary of the roots of trees in your area: sooner or later, they can disrupt your comfort and begin to destroy pipes.

What are the hints that you need septic drain lines repair?

The first sign that you have a new difficulty that needs to be resolved quickly is backups in your sinks or bathtubs. Also, you may hear different weird sounds, such as the gurgling of water and even smell an unpleasant but classical odour of a broken sewer line.

In addition to all of the above, you can also highlight water blooming in nearby ponds, lakes on your site.

Experts advise pumping the system at least twice every five years. Such precautions will slow down system wear and prevent blockages.

A breakdown of the septic can lead to your discomfort while using the plumbing and problems in your environment. After all, we may not even notice how polluted water with numerous chemicals began to attack the soil.

Therefore, it is imperative to act quickly and professionally in the event of any breakdown in your septic system. Our plumbers know how to repair septic drain lines without any harm to your comfort. Book an appointment right now!

What to do with septic tank backup?

The heart plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the human body, and if we are talking about the septic system, then the center in this complex system is a septic tank. This device needs special care: experts advise cleaning the septic tank every three years; otherwise, the system can quickly fail, and a complete replacement may be required.

But sometimes, the septic tank itself can let you know about a malfunction or blockage. One of these hints of a problem may be puddles that disintegrate right above the septic tank. Also, as excess water begins to flow out, you may notice both a pleasant and an unpleasant sign of backup: a spontaneous increase in vegetation in your yard. This can result in improved quality of your lawn and the presence of new grasses or weeds. Also, a strange murmur of water in the yard and an unpleasant stink, typical of any clogged sewer, may indicate troubles with your septic tank.

If you ignore these problems, then complete degradation of the entire septic drain field is possible in the future. Therefore, if you face the inconveniences mentioned above, you need to take action urgently. Otherwise, further repairs will cost you time and a great bunch of money.

Our company is always ready to help you. Our experienced specialists will not only clean your septic tank but also inspect the entire system for blockages and various breakdowns. Gain freshly new repair experience right now!

Sewer line cleaning – how to get rid of that blockage?

Blockage quandaries in your septic system sometimes may not be related to the septic tank. If you do not focus on the fact that the water from the septic drain field does not go into the city’s central sewage system but directly into the soil, the septic drain is not notably different from the standard sewer line. The backup is most likely between the house and the septic tank if you face difficulty with your septic drain field.

Well, as always, in minor blockages, baking soda and its helpers – salt and vinegar – come to our aid.

In cooperation with one of the assistants, you can quickly achieve the purification of the sewage system without resorting to more advanced methods.

So, how to do it?

Take and pour about one cup of baking soda into the sink or bathtub drain without mixing with water. Then, after a while, pour 160-200 millilitres of any vinegar into it. After this, a chemical reaction will occur. Try to make sure that it happens precisely in the pipe or siphon and does not come out. Then, after 30 minutes, boiling water should be poured into the drain.

Many people resort to using chemicals to clean up blockages. We do not advise you to frequently resort to harsh chemical cleaning agents, as they can negatively affect the integrity of the pipes and sometimes your health, according to scientists from the Norwegian University. People are becoming more prone to colds and even asthma.

In case soda does not help you, then you should turn to more exceptional cleaning methods. Many plumbers advise snaking, which involves unclogging the drain with a long metal wire. Such work should be entrusted only to professionals since an amateur approach can damage the integrity of the components of your sewage system.

You should not resort to self-repair even if a blockage has formed in the leaching bin. Our experienced guys will help you cope with this and other troubles.

In addition, you should not ignore the rules for operating the sewage system at all. Refrain from flushing hygiene items and other large debris down the drain. Also, you can install a garbage disposal, which will protect your sewage lines from contamination and backup in advance.

When is a drain pipe replacement necessary?

We always want to solve a problem along the path of least resistance. But sometimes, it turns out that yesterday’s measures could have saved the situation are ineffective, and there is only one radical option left.

So, how to understand whether you require such a radical form of repair? First, such a severe step is worth considering if you notice that your system cannot handle the load. This can happen if the house’s previous owners counted on a much lower load when designing the drain field. Also, the advanced age of the system is another good reason to replace it.

The second common indication for replacement is poor pipe condition. These can be various tears, chips, and so on. In this case, either full or partial replacement is made.

Fat is one of the main culprits in septic problems as it builds up plaque in the pipes and prevents oxygen from reaching the septic tank. Because of this, the likelihood of a complete blockage of the system and its further replacement increases.

Tree roots have always been the enemy of home drainage. In the case of a septic system, they can cause significant damage to it.

It is also worth considering that it is necessary to avoid the user load on the system and the load in the literal sense of the word. Many people do not take this into account and park their cars directly above the septic field, thus accelerating their sewer equipment’s wear.

Therefore, a tremendous amount of attention must be paid to installing a septic system. Firstly, it is worth considering your needs for the operation of the sewage system and choosing a septic tank of the appropriate volume. Then you should pay attention to the soil and the “map” of the tree roots growing in your garden.

If you need to replace the system, you can always rely on us around the clock. We are always ready to lend a helping hand, no matter how far from us you are.

How to install drainage system in yard?

Installing new plumbing fixtures is not the most enjoyable experience. After all, everything starts from scratch. Therefore, professionals in their field must be responsible for installing your septic system drain field and other similar communications. It is essential to calculate everything qualitatively: the needs of you and your family, and therefore the load, to anticipate and take into account potential threats to the integrity and proper operation of the line, and so on.

Our robust and already plumbing repair battle-tested guys will explain in the smallest detail how the septic system works and will help you choose the model and type of sewage system that will suit your needs. The installation will proceed as quickly as possible. We also have maintenance plans that fit everyone.

Contact us right now and get all the necessary help and support from our staff. It doesn’t matter where you are and how severe your problem is. We are always ready to eliminate your plumbing obstacles as fast as possible.

Do not delay contacting specialists. After all, it is often much easier and cheaper to fix a problem in the early stages than to deal with much more serious breakdowns later!