Superior Plumbing licensed plumbers provide plumbing repair services against backups in Scarborough. We specialize in fixing:

  • Garbage disposal backups
  • Toilet backups
  • Sink and bathtub drain backups
  • Shower backups

What to do if the drain backs up?

Sewage backup can take place because of numerous reasons. It may become a considerable inconvenience and needs to be acted towards promptly and professionally.

Heavy rains or melting snow can result in sewer overflows, which in its turn is the reason for sewage backup. To avoid this mishap, you should go for annual sewer line check-ups and cleaning.

Sewer backups in the basement is one more nasty accident that needs not to be neglected. In this case, emergency plumbing service is required to steer clear of all the possible consequences. Sometimes, there is even a need for sewer lines replacement.

Our local licenced plumbers in Scarborough specialize in cleaning sewer lines by hydro-jetting, as well as employing a heavy-duty degreaser. If the sewer line needs replacement, we conduct trenchless repairs, meaning the workers will not have to dig much under your house to change the sewer pipe.

Superior Plumbing offers you sewer cleaning services. Our team of licenced professionals will arrive as soon as possible to fix, clean or even replace your sewer lines. The company specializes in urgent cleaning and repair to deprive you of unnecessary waiting. We guarantee excellent plumbing service in Scarborough, after which you will not have to worry about the sewage backing up ever again.

Minor annoyances or severe disasters

We can handle nearly anything in one go, guaranteeing you that the solution will be affordable and long-lasting.
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How to fix sewer backup?

Backups of all kinds happen for numerous reasons, the most common one being clogging. Many houses do not have the correct drain system design, making clogging a recurring issue. Another cause for this can be the cheap materials used to build the drain.

Having a drain mesh is highly important as a preventative measure against clogged drains. Overflowing bathtubs and flooded basements is yet another unfortunate result of drain clogging. Ignoring these issues can lead to disrupting consequences. Hence, the drains need frequent inspections and cleanings to outrun such terrible aftermath.

Superior Plumbing professionals in Scarborough will easily solve your case using the most modern and efficient methods, such as snaking and hydro-jetting, to make sure your drain is looked after properly.

Whether it is garbage disposal clogging and kitchen sink backup due to food particles or disastrous toilet and shower backups, Superior Plumbing licenced local plumbers are able to deal with issues of varying difficulty by snaking, hydro-jetting or degreasing your drain. Call Superior Plumbing at any time, and you will receive quality, timely service and forget about any plumbing issues from that moment on.