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Our services include maintenance, repairs, and installation for your in-home and outside sewer lines. Sewer repair is something we excel at, providing our customers with timely and affordable services. So you may stop wasting time looking for cracked sewer pipe repair technicians or a sewer pipe repair nearby.

Minor annoyances or severe disasters

We can handle nearly anything in one go, guaranteeing you that the solution will be affordable and long-lasting.
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How to prevent sewer line from breaking?

A broken sewer line repair requires proper knowledge and may become time-consuming trouble if not handled properly. That is why it is better to leave it to the professionals. Contact us today and our technician will pre-inspect the system first and then come up with the specified estimate for the repair. Elsewise, when inspections are neglected, the solution may cost you a pretty penny. For example, sewer line replacement is not necessarily needed, even in cases with wicked backups and blockages. We are proficient, and through 20 years of our experience, we know for sure that modern technologies can wash away tough clogs and eliminate blockages in a matter of minutes. And we have these technologies and equipment at our disposal.

Sewer line malfunctions common causes

With that said, you should remember that sewer line breakage is not always a harsh sentence for funds loss. Camera inspections are affordable and can be performed same-day. So if you contact us today, you will discover for sure what exact sewer line repair is needed and get a complete estimate for this job.

As far as sewer line takes a severe hit of all the dirty draining water in your house, clogs appear inside this kind of pipes often enough. Grease essence glues together food waste, scraps, hair, forming a nasty sticky “ball” that ends up being stuck down the sewer line pipe, causing blockages and backups. Such problems may be considered minor, as we are able to fix them fast and without dismantling the system, using hydro-jetting technology. Its operation principle involves washing the clog from the pipe with high-pressured water. Waterflow destroys the formation in the tube, and its pieces disappear without a trace.

Sewer Line Replacement

However, sometimes we deal with broken sewer lines that have to be replaced immediately. Sewer cracks and even bursts happen rarely, but that’s no guarantee you will never face them. Fortunately, we perform trenchless sewer replacements – that means we can replace your sewer line with a new one without deconstructing your floor and yard completely.

If you are looking for a broken sewer pipe repair in Scarborough, no need to look further, Superior Plumbing will provide you with a comparable repair price and an acceptable turnaround time.