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Looking for trustworthy local plumbing companies in Hamilton?

Our beautiful city of Hamilton is developing more and more every year. New buildings, parks, municipal offices and, of course, houses are being built. And none of the above can normally exist without plumbing fixtures. In its installation, repair and maintenance chores, you can entirely rely on a young but already quite successful company – Superior Plumbing & Heating.

We improve skills from day to day to provide you with high-quality repairs 24/7. Contact our plumbers in Hamilton for more detailed data.

our areas of expertise
plumber Hamilton

Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Hamilton


Any kind of shower problems – from backup to shower head replacement – will be eliminated in a blink.
plumber Hamilton


Prompt toilet problems fixing by licensed professionals. Whether it’s a severe backup or a small leak – we’ll get things done right in a moment.
plumber Hamilton


Bathtub Installation and repair service with fair pricing and complete warranty. We’ll make sure your bathtub is maintained properly.
plumber Hamilton

Kitchen Sink & Faucet

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Hamilton

Shut-Off Value

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Hamilton

Water Pipe

We provide full-scale service for your water pipes – cleaning, unclogging, patching, replacing, etc.
plumber Hamilton


Boiler repair, installation, and maintenance by experienced, licensed and equipped plumbers in your neighbourhood.
plumber Hamilton

Water heater

Our expert hot water plumbers will safeguard your hot water supply and guarantee you will never run out of it.
plumber Hamilton

Main Water Service

Expert main water line service to make sure your water supply is always safe and sound.
plumber Hamilton

Main Shut-Off Valve

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Hamilton

Sump pump

Proper sump pump picking, delivering, installing and maintenance is our area of expertise.
plumber Hamilton

Leak repair

Leaking water pipes and drains can be a harsh menace. We detect unobvious leaks with special cameras and fix them in no time using the latest equipment.
plumber Hamilton
plumber Hamilton

Septic system

For rural area households, a septic system is worth in weight of gold. We service these complicated systems of any kind with proper knowledge and expertise.

Superior Plumbing in Hamilton and our areas we expertise

Sewer fixing and unclogging

Sewerage, unfortunately, tends to wear out. Still, just as a healthy lifestyle can protect the human body from rapid ageing, sewers can be saved by professional maintenance and regularly scheduled cleaning. If you are faced with a blockage in your sewer line, you can safely entrust all the troubles to our local plumber in Hamilton. Our fellows improve their skills day after day to provide you only with excellent services.

Emergency plumbing

We are always ready to be with you at the right moment. Because in the business, the main rule is not to let the breakdown take its course. Otherwise, it can lead to irreversible consequences. It will be necessary to replace your plumbing fixture or sewerage line completely. Superior Plumbing & Heating services in Hamilton is always happy that his skills will come in handy to solve your issue.

Plumbing installations

If any of your plumbing fixtures have become unusable, be it a toilet bowl or a bathroom sink, you need to quickly replace it to continue to enjoy the benefits of civilization. Our guys will replace the old unit and help you choose a new one based on your needs.

Heating and hot water appliance works

Well, these are devices that are difficult to act without in our dwellings. They are the ones who heat our homes in winter and our tap water. If you need the correct installation or professional repair of your boiler or water heater, the services of our local plumber in Hamilton may come in handy!

Commercial plumbing

We provide services not only in private houses & apartments but also in various institutions. If you are the owner or the director of such and suddenly face plumbing troubles, your main task is probably to get rid of it all as quickly as possible. In this case, the services of Superior Plumbing & Heating will be helpful to you.

Water purification systems installation

Water is a necessary substance to support our life, and its quality must be at its best. In the 21st century, we improve water conditions with the help of special devices, filters for its purification to avoid potential health problems. If you do not have such a device yet, we advise you to familiarize yourself with its functions in detail, and we will help you with the installation.

Various Maintenance Plans

As they say: a stitch in time saves nine! Our maintenance plans can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns that have the potential to disrupt your comfort and busy schedule easily.

master fix plumbing

Reasons to gain our plumbing services

A great bunch of plans

In any business, it is imperative to notice problems in advance and try to eliminate them. And in plumbing, everything works according to the same laws. To prevent problems with home appliances and plumbing, users often resort to writing a maintenance plan. We have a great kit of such programs!

Decent money savings

Everything is transparent with us. We understand how important it is for a modern Canadian company to be open to its clients. We do not have any call-out fee because our way to you is our business. In using our service, you pay only for the examination of your equipment (99 CAD) and directly for all the repair services.

Rapid plumbing repair services

Japanese and Chinese trains are considered the fastest in the world. Since its inception, Superior Plumbing & Heating has been equal to this miracle of technology from the East and strives to improve the speed of service every day. Benefit from the services of our local same-day plumber in Hamilton.

Why should you choose our plumbing specialists in Hamilton?

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What clients say about our plumbing services in Hamilton?

completed fast and on schedule

In our new home, we needed to purchase a water heater. Because we had always used the services of Superior Plumbing and Heating, we chose to purchase a water heater from them, which we were informed was a Rheem device. The task was completed fast and on schedule, as promised.The heater performs well after two weeks of usage.

Date: 09-05-2022

Julia Collier

My sink drained water slowly, I poured tube cleaning liquid but it didn’t help. so I called superior plumbing and heating. Scott arrived in 2 hours and inspected tubes, then cleaned them, now it’s fine. thank u

Date: 21-12-2021

i'm satisfied

This is not the first time i’ve turned to Superior Plumbing and Heating for help and i’m satisfied . I needed to repair the goodman furnace and install the faucat. John coped with this task perfectly. His work impressed me: very quickly and most importantly – qualitatively. I can recommend the company and will continue to cooperate with it .

Date: 01-05-2022

Wallace Powers

Very fast and professional!

Date: 22-12-2021

Wonderful work

Wonderful work on replacing the plumbing, the toilet was leaking at the connection to the riser. Tech from superior plumbing and heating fixed the problem. He did everything very carefully, qualitatively and quickly. The company has a high rating for reason. i will refer to this company for plumbing. I recommend it.

Date: 27-04-2022

Blake Lara

I liked their order form. it’s easy to find and fill in. besides, they usually call back and their techs are never late. nothing bad to add.

Date: 16-12-2021

Great company

I will contact you again! Great company-everything is really mobile and professional. If you are looking for a service that can be trusted, google the site of Superior Plumbing and Heating – you will make sure that they are thee best in their niche.

Date: 05-05-2022

Nicole Jackson

I’m from Hamilton and superior plumbing and heating service here is peerless. my brother and sister also order them. we are all satisfied with both services and pricing.

Date: 13-12-2021

Great service.

Superior Plumbing and Heating completed the job as expected – tidy, high-quality, and considerate-everything was pre-measured, and the plumber double-checked that the position was exact and that no concealed utilities would be harmed.

Date: 06-05-2022

Abigail Hardy

This plumber is a professional when it comes to drainage. I would definitely recommend him for all of those problems you’ve been having with yours lately–you won’t regret hiring this guy!

Date: 12-12-2021

Call a plumber Hamilton trusts in!

Superior Plumbing & Heating has been in the Canadian plumbing support market for several years. During this time, the professionalism of company staff has dramatically increased: we have become faster and better at doing our work to always remain in the ranks.

We are delighted to read reviews from people who have already met our company, especially if some of this feedback is about our mistakes. We are here to get better!

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