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Fully licensed Plumbers

Each of our skilled plumbers has years of experience.

Caledonia plumbing and heating Complete Warranty

We provide a warranty of up to 90 days for all our services.

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Our quality diagnostic methods will speed up the repair.

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Matthew Martin

Prompt service by Cameron. Same day service. Gave me multiple options for the fix required and worked to make sure job was done right.

Mar 7, 2024
Craig desjardins

Replacement of my old hot water heater was quick and easy. The crew were respectful of our carpets and surroundings. When completed, they took the time to explain what was done. Was pleasantly surprised to get a follow up call the next day ensuring everything was working well.

Feb 12, 2024
Kay Weber

Bruce thoroughly inspected my drain and gave excellent advice- not the laundry drain but the sewer main. Very helpful.

May 8, 2024
Rufus Crawford

The guys was great ! Thanks too Ian and Razeq . All the best!.

Dec 4, 2023
Tina Vedovat

We urgently needed to have our sump pump replaced. Dave and the team were very efficient in assessing the issue and replacing the pump within a day. Very good work, and, the courtesy and professionalism that came with it was greatly appreciated.

Aug 25, 2023
Cheryl Hoef

Highly recommend. Responsive and professional from first call to service for main shut off valve, noisy toilet, leaking toilet and laundry tub faucet. Jeremy, our technician, attended and diagnosed issues and thoroughly explained our options. Very pleased with quality of work.

Aug 26, 2023
Michael Santiso

George and Geoff visited my house today to resolve an ongoing plumbing issue with my toilets. George was training Geoff and he was extremely patient and helpful not to mention very professional. I would highly recommend George and Superior plumbing for any plumbing related issues.

May 6, 2024
andy kim

Ian and Sean came by to deal with an issue I was having and their service was great.

May 8, 2024
Heather Turner

Just had Jeremy in to fix a stuck cartridge, service was quick, Jeremy was professional, friendly and efficient. I will definitely use Superior Plumbing again

Mar 23, 2024
yonatan shaham

Jeremy was the best! Super attentive and professional!

May 15, 2024
Byron Emmons

Fast service by Andy same day called they booked us in and he got to the root of our issue.

Jan 15, 2024
Daniel Davison

The Superior Plumbing & Heating technician – Spencer is a very pleasant, helpful, conscientious & knowledgeable plumber. He arrived on time, first phoning to confirm his arrival time. He was patient while listening & viewing the problem issues. He closely examined the problem items and then explained (in clear speech) exactly what the problems were and practical options for repair. All questions were answered satisfactorily. He is a great representative for Superior Plumbing & Heating. Highly recommended.

Mar 14, 2024

We will quickly resolve your plumbing issues in Caledonia

Whether you need help in the kitchen, bathroom, basement or outside the home, our plumbers can handle any type of pipe and plumbing repair, installation or cleaning.aning.

Please select which plumbing services you need.

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Problems our Caledonia plumber can solve with your plumbing

Our plumbing services in Caledonia cover pipes, ventilation, air, water and heating systems.


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Don’t wait any longer if you stroll into the bathroom and notice that your socks are soaking up water from a busted pipe. Superior Plumbing & Heating has everything needed to be your one-stop place to eliminate any plumbing issue. Armed with vast experience and specialized tools, we can quickly solve any issue, from leaking or burst pipes to broken water heaters. Our best plumbers in Caledonia are on standby to assist at the first call!
24-hour plumbers in Caledonia
Even something as small as a dripping sink can end up damaging your home if it’s not taken care of. With us, you will forget about any problems with plumbing, wherever they occur – in the toilet, bathtub or sink. Our customers benefit from our experts’ in-depth knowledge, years in the field, and advanced technology. Contact us and schedule a visit to your home in Caledonia with our 24-hour plumbers, and you won’t notice how all of your troubles will be resolved.
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Any plumbing requires a professional approach when performing installation, as even a wrong angle of inclination of the pipe in the sewer can lead to clogging. Superior Plumbing & Heating’s mission is to provide you with dependable plumbing installation services. Our team of qualified, well-trained, and up-to-date on the latest trends in the plumbing industry professionals guarantees this, offering a 3-months warranty on work done. Whether you need a simple faucet installation or piping for a new system, our plumbing company will provide tranquillity of mind in your home in Caledonia for years.
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An issue with plumbing is like a sudden slap in the face for your business — 99% of the time, it’s neither convenient nor beneficial. But you can avoid stopping your business for a few days with the help of our skilled experts. In Superior Plumbing & Heating, we are trained and certified to keep your plumbing and other fixtures safe 365 days a year.
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You rely on your water heater daily to provide hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning, but if it fails, it can leave you unable to perform these simple but essential tasks. Instead of suffering from a lack of hot water or leaving a potential safety hazard unattended – contact our experts! If you need a qualified plumber in Caledonia, the Superior Plumbing & Heating team is your best option. You are guaranteed to forget about any recent issues and enjoy a constant flow of hot water.
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What comes to mind if you read the phrase “the most terrible thing in the world”? Sewer backup is something that no one wants to face, but don’t panic! Our team specializes in cleaning sewer lines using both snaking and hydro-jetting. If a sewer line needs to be replaced, we do trenchless repairs, meaning workers won’t have to dig deep under your home to replace the sewer line. We warranty excellent plumbing services in Caledonia, after which you will no longer fear meeting with raw sewage again.

Examples of our plumbers’ work in Caledonia

Well Pump replacement
Main Drain Dig
Toilet Repair
Main Drain Dig
Pump repair
Flange replacement
Toilet Repair
Softener installation near me
Pipe installation
Water Heater Installation company

Licensed and certified plumbers are ready to helpWhy should you call Superior Plumbing & Heating of Caledonia?

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No one should be left without reliable plumbing services for their home. No matter your budget, our plumbers are experienced and can provide the highest quality plumbing services. Our customers can trust us to be transparent. We always provide the price of our services, along with all possible solutions prior to starting the repair. Don’t worry about hidden charges – we value your trust and your money!

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Our goal is to restore your home to a comfortable state within the same day, so we respect your time. For your convenience, our Caledonia plumbing service vans are equipped with all possible repair tools, so that no minute is wasted!

best plumbing services company in Caledonia

We have licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers who are able to take on any challenge. We have received hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate our commitment to quality. The diverse experience of our team in all areas of plumbing, along with our state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to perform a fantastic job for our clients. Cheap and reliable services are what every plumber on our team in Caledonia delivers every day. Plus, you can be assured that all plumbing work is covered by a warranty!

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We at Superior Plumbing & Heating adhere to the highest standards set by the industry. Our plumbers are always prepared to handle any plumbing repairs or replacements you may need. We promise to deliver the best outcome!
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Areas our Caledonia plumbers serve

Our team covers Caledonia and towns nearby:


Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when hiring a plumber?

Our company does not seek hidden fees. These are actually our real prices. Once the plumber has assessed the scope of work, you will receive the full cost to be paid, without any surprises.

Do you offer emergency plumbing services for residential and commercial properties?

Yes, we provide emergency plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring that your plumbing issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

What services do your plumbers have to provide most often ?

The most common plumbing services provided by plumbers include fixing leaks, repairing or replacing faucets and vavle, clearing clogged pipes, installing or repairing water heaters, and fixing toilet problems such as leaks or clogs.

Can you address sewer line issues?

Yes, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair sewer line issues, including blockages, leaks, and collapses, restoring proper function to your sewer system.

Can you install new plumbing fixtures?

Yes, we offer installation services for a wide range of plumbing fixtures, including faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, and more, ensuring they are installed correctly and function properly.

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