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Looking for a plumber in Oakville?

Sometimes problems come from nowhere. Familiar, isn’t it? Well, that’s what we are for. Our town is known for its picturesque harbours, vibrant shopping districts, active arts community and other incredible events. But what will you do if you have a leaky faucet? To whom will you turn? Complicated plumbing repairs and installations in the Oakville area – that’s our business.

our areas of expertise
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Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Oakville


Any kind of shower problems – from backup to shower head replacement – will be eliminated in a blink.
plumber Oakville


Prompt toilet problems fixing by licensed professionals. Whether it’s a severe backup or a small leak – we’ll get things done right in a moment.
plumber Oakville


Bathtub Installation and repair service with fair pricing and complete warranty. We’ll make sure your bathtub is maintained properly.
plumber Oakville

Kitchen Sink & Faucet

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Oakville

Shut-Off Value

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Oakville

Water Pipe

We provide full-scale plumbing services in Oakville for your water pipes – cleaning, unclogging, patching, replacing, etc.
plumber Oakville


Boiler repair, installation, and maintenance by experienced, licensed and equipped plumbers in your neighbourhood.
plumber Oakville

Water heater

Our expert hot water plumber in Oakville will safeguard your hot water supply and guarantee you will never run out of it.
plumber Oakville

Main Water Service

Expert main water line service to make sure your water supply is always safe and sound.
plumber Oakville

Main Shut-Off Valve

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Oakville

Sump pump

Proper sump pump picking, delivering, installing and maintenance is our area of expertise.
plumber Oakville

Leak repair

Leaking water pipes and drains can be a harsh menace. We detect unobvious leaks with special cameras and fix them in no time using the latest equipment.
plumber Oakville
plumber Oakville

Septic system

For rural area households, a septic system is worth in weight of gold. We service these complicated systems of any kind with proper knowledge and expertise.

Superior Plumbing in Oakville and our areas of expertise

Emergency plumbing

Rapid response to a malfunction is the key to its prompt and effective repair. So, if you’ve noticed a breakdown that’s not easy to fix with the proper resources, you need to call our plumber in Oakville right away. Our certified plumbers will quickly make the necessary diagnostics and decide what to do next. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we will always answer them kindly.

Major leaks and floods

Leaks are one of the most well-known pipes issues you’ll probably encounter; however, only one out of every odd hole is a pipes crisis. At this point, when leaks can be halted by stopping the water to a solitary apparatus or contained in a pail until business hours, it is high time to defer calling for a plumbing fix until the nearest future. Nonetheless, if a hole is causing significant flooding and property harm and you should turn off your central conduit or shut off water to an appliance you totally need, it’s a task for your 24 hour plumber to deal with right away.

Commercial plumbing

We are consistently prepared to be with you at the right second. Since in the plumbing business, the primary standard isn’t to allow the breakdown to follow all the way through. Otherwise, it can prompt irreversible results. It will be important to totally supplant your pipes construction or sewerage line. Superior Plumbing & Heating nearby same-day plumbers in Oakville are always glad to prove that their abilities could be useful in your pipe’s breakdown coping.

Sewer backups

Timely performed cleanings are sure to reduce the chance of your pipes getting blocked. To prevent any more severe problems with clogging, we recommend that you conduct regular cleanups. Also, in the case of more serious sewer backups, we are prepared to provide the most up-to-date solutions to such problems. You can also check out the rest of our blog for further plumbing tips and information to help you quickly solve problems and prevent some of the most common plumbing emergencies from affecting your home.

Water heater issues

When the water heater fails, the whole family suffers. To avoid this problem, we recommend you to contact our 24 hour plumbing company specialists in time. They’ll consult you and send an experienced plumber in Oakville. He’ll run a diagnostic and fix the problem immediately. Nobody wants to bathe under cold water all the time, do they?

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Why are we the best at what we do

We save your time

Time is our most precious resource. So why waste it on trying to fix something on your own and only make the problem worse at significant risk. Leave your problems to us. We guarantee that our specialists will find a better solution to the situation in the shortest possible time. Also, don’t forget that we are a company that works 24 hours at any time of day and night.

We save your money

We agree that it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on domestic problems, but rather spend it on something more important. That’s why our service call fee is only 99$, and your particular repair case will include this price. When it comes to replacing or repairing some parts, our specialists will help you choose the best price for your individual accident.

We save your equipment

In addition, we do not simply seek to replace equipment. We want to extend the life of already installed pipes or boilers as much as possible. These methods will not only help you to save some pennies but will also give the old appliances a new life. Of course, our professionals consider every case, and sometimes replacement is necessary. Then you should visit our website to see the equipment list and the cost of its installation. Our consultants will always be happy to help you.

Why should you hire our Oakville plumbers?

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What people are saying about our plumbing services in Oakville?

Good service

I advice anyone who wants to save time and get good service. The technician arrives on time and with a large set of tools. He did his job consulting on related plumbing issues. Installed the boiler, did it neatly, well and in a reasonable time. Therefore, I recommend superior plumbing and heating as the best!!

Date: 21-07-2022

Aidan Blackburn

They will be our go-to for any future plumbing needs!

Date: 12-12-2021


Excellent, up-to-date, and courteous service. Their plumber impressed us with his level of competence and desire to do his best and help us. He explained the situation and what he planned to do about it, and did his job flawlessly. Moreover, we received a good discount. Superior Plumbing and Heating – you can be trusted!

Date: 01-08-2022

Justin Taylor

We needed to install a tankless water heater. Harry from superior heating and plumbing did it and I got a discount on my bday. cool service

Date: 16-12-2021

i'm satisfied

This is not the first time i’ve turned to Superior Plumbing and Heating for help and i’m satisfied . I needed to repair the goodman furnace and install the faucat. John coped with this task perfectly. His work impressed me: very quickly and most importantly – qualitatively. I can recommend the company and will continue to cooperate with it .

Date: 29-07-2022

Christin White

My grandma lives in Oakville. she cannot control heaters and all plumbing staff. so I signed a contract with superior plumbing and heating who take care of them for 4 seasons. I feel safe.

Date: 22-12-2021

Great company

I will contact you again! Great company-everything is really mobile and professional. If you are looking for a service that can be trusted, google the site of Superior Plumbing and Heating – you will make sure that they are thee best in their niche.

Date: 02-08-2022

Pete Jackson

It was a challenge for me to find a worthy plumbing service in Oakville. Luckily, my friend recommended turning to Superior Plumbing and Heating. Now I have a dependable service that is available 24/7 even on national holidays!

Date: 13-12-2021

Great service.

Superior Plumbing and Heating completed the job as expected – tidy, high-quality, and considerate-everything was pre-measured, and the plumber double-checked that the position was exact and that no concealed utilities would be harmed.

Date: 03-08-2022

Wayne Griffiths

Was impressed to get my water heater descaled on xmas. it stopped heating in the morning and Andrew fixed it in the afternoon! nice job!

Date: 15-12-2021

Call a plumber Oakville trusts in!

Our employees are always ready to help even with the most challenging breakdowns, while other companies may simply advise upgrading the equipment.

We use the latest technologies, the fastest cleaning methods and encourage our employees in every way. Also, we guarantee the reliability of our service, which more than 1700 of our permanent satisfied clients can confirm.

Our plumbing services in Oakville is always nearby, so you will not only get quality service for a small fee, but you will also be satisfied with our experienced local plumber. Hurry up!

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