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Fully licensed Plumbers

Each of our skilled plumbers has years of experience.

plumbing Chatham Complete Warranty

We provide a warranty of up to 90 days for all our services.

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Our quality diagnostic methods will speed up the repair.

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Amanda Francis

Cedric the plumber was a delightful guy. Thanks for arriving on time and your overall professionalism.

Mar 12, 2024
Tina Cui

Ray and Razeq are very helpful, amazing job!

Mar 12, 2024
Rushi P

Leo is great at what he’s doing. He helped us diagnose our issue with sumppump and drain tile. Would recommend 100%

Dec 8, 2023
Calvin Tran

Great experience with Jermaine, very knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely recommend!

Feb 2, 2024
Roxolana Dziubanovich

Prompt, reliable and quality service.

May 23, 2024
Jamie Harrison

Bruce and Andrew came by great service fixed my leaking hot water pipe will use again, highly recommend.

Jun 15, 2024
Purple Dragon (Hype Clips)

Lee was fantastic! Fixed the problem so quick and he was very friendly. 10/10

Mar 20, 2024
Dan Webster

Bruce came and inspected our sump pump and gave us great advice on what we can do to maintain our pump so we dont have any future disruptions. Did not go with service as our pump is working currently.

Jun 8, 2024
Filly AD

Great service and communication.

Apr 10, 2024
Linnea Walton

Conner came out to help us with our shower. He was very nice and respectful. My partner had a few questions that he happily answered even when she asked the same question twice. He was very patient and knowledgeable, explaining things in as much detail as possible.

Apr 16, 2024
Patrick Kerr

Service was great. The guys explained the problem and discussed with me what was needed to rectify the situation. Service was prompt, effective and the area was left clean 馃憤

Jun 5, 2024
Andrea Sells

Kaz was very prompt and carefully checked my hot water tank, explained the problem and quoted for a new replacement. Very good service

Nov 23, 2023

We will quickly resolve your plumbing issues in Chatham

Whether you need help in the kitchen, bathroom, basement or outside the home, our plumbers can handle any type of pipe and plumbing repair, installation or cleaning.

Please select which plumbing services you need.

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Problems our Chatham plumber can solve with your plumbing

Our plumbing services in Chatham cover pipes, ventilation, air, water and heating systems.


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Don’t wait any longer if you stroll into the bathroom and notice that your socks are soaking up water from a busted pipe. Superior Plumbing & Heating has everything needed to be your one-stop place to eliminate any plumbing issue. Armed with vast experience and specialized tools, we can quickly solve any issue, from leaking or burst pipes to broken water heaters. Our best plumbers in Chatham are on standby to assist at the first call!
24-hour plumbers in Chatham
Even something as small as a dripping sink can end up damaging your home if it’s not taken care of. With us, you will forget about any problems with plumbing, wherever they occur – in the toilet, bathtub or sink. Our customers benefit from our experts’ in-depth knowledge, years in the field, and advanced technology. Contact us and schedule a visit to your home in Chatham with our 24-hour plumbers, and you won’t notice how all of your troubles will be resolved.
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Any plumbing requires a professional approach when performing installation, as even a wrong angle of inclination of the pipe in the sewer can lead to clogging. Superior Plumbing & Heating’s mission is to provide you with dependable plumbing installation services. Our team of qualified, well-trained, and up-to-date on the latest trends in the plumbing industry professionals guarantees this, offering a 3-months warranty on work done. Whether you need a simple faucet installation or piping for a new system, our plumbing company will provide tranquillity of mind in your home in Chatham for years.
commercial plumbing company in Chatham
An issue with plumbing is like a sudden slap in the face for your business 鈥 99% of the time, it’s neither convenient nor beneficial. But you can avoid stopping your business for a few days with the help of our skilled experts. In Superior Plumbing & Heating, we are trained and certified to keep your plumbing and other fixtures safe 365 days a year.
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You rely on your water heater daily to provide hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning, but if it fails, it can leave you unable to perform these simple but essential tasks. Instead of suffering from a lack of hot water or leaving a potential safety hazard unattended – contact our experts! If you need a qualified plumber in Chatham, the Superior Plumbing & Heating team is your best option. You are guaranteed to forget about any recent issues and enjoy a constant flow of hot water.
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What comes to mind if you read the phrase “the most terrible thing in the world”? Sewer backup is something that no one wants to face, but don’t panic! Our team specializes in cleaning sewer lines using both snaking and hydro-jetting. If a sewer line needs to be replaced, we do trenchless repairs, meaning workers won’t have to dig deep under your home to replace the sewer line. We warranty excellent plumbing services in Chatham, after which you will no longer fear meeting with raw sewage again.

Examples of our plumbers’ work in Chatham

Trap replacement
Main Drain Dig
Toilet installation
Tank Water Heater repair
Vavle replacement
installing softener
Water Heater Installation company
Main Drain Dig

Licensed and certified plumbers are ready to helpWhy should you call Superior Plumbing & Heating of Chatham?

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Same Day Service

When you contact Superior Plumbing & Heating, rest assured that your call will be handled quickly and one of our licensed plumbers will be on-site as soon as possible. Our dedicated team is on call to help you with any plumbing issues, even on holidays. Our plumbers are able to handle any emergency situation and ensure that the problem doesn鈥檛 happen again.

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High Quality

Each of our plumbers has at least 5 years of experience. This implies that they know how to handle any problem. Our skilled team uses the latest technology to offer the most complete Chatham plumbing service. The plumbers we employ have had extensive training and have received high-end certifications, including Red Seal and North American Technician Excellence.

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Fair Pricing

If you are looking for a cheap but reliable plumber in Chatham – we are your perfect choice! Superior Plumbing & Heating provides transparent and fair prices. We want our services to be available to everyone who needs them. Therefore we adhere to the principle of 鈥渘o hidden fees鈥 and our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to keep costs down while offering exceptional quality.

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90-Day Warranty

We are confident that our plumbers work flawlessly, but it is better to be safe. That is why we provide a 90-day warranty for every service we deliver. If you need our help during this period, give us a call and we will return to complete the repair at no charge. We are dedicated to our customers and strive to provide them with the best service possible!

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Top result in a blink of an eye
We at Superior Plumbing & Heating adhere to the highest standards set by the industry. Our plumbers are always prepared to handle any plumbing repairs or replacements you may need. We promise to deliver the best outcome!
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