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Are you looking for a plumber in Vaughan?

Superior Plumbing & Heating is a local company in Vaughan, offering same-day 24 hour plumbing help. We specialize in every type of work like repairs, replacements and installations, and make sure that our services are prompt, as well as professional.

Plumbing in Vaughan could not be faster with our same-day service, which means that we come to help as soon as your order is received.

our areas of expertise
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Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Vaughan


Any kind of shower problems – from backup to shower head replacement – will be eliminated in a blink.
plumber Vaughan


Prompt toilet problems fixing by licensed professionals. Whether it’s a severe backup or a small leak – we’ll get things done right in a moment.
plumber Vaughan


Bathtub Installation and repair service with fair pricing and complete warranty. We’ll make sure your bathtub is maintained properly.
plumber Vaughan

Kitchen Sink & Faucet

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Vaughan

Shut-Off Value

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Vaughan

Water Pipe

We provide full-scale service for your water pipes – cleaning, unclogging, patching, replacing, etc.
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Boiler repair, installation, and maintenance by experienced, licensed and equipped plumbers in your neighbourhood.
plumber Vaughan

Water heater

Our expert hot water plumbers will safeguard your hot water supply and guarantee you will never run out of it.
plumber Vaughan

Main Water Service

Expert main water line service to make sure your water supply is always safe and sound.
plumber Vaughan

Main Shut-Off Valve

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Vaughan

Sump pump

Proper sump pump picking, delivering, installing and maintenance is our area of expertise.
plumber Vaughan

Leak repair

Leaking water pipes and drains can be a harsh menace. We detect unobvious leaks with special cameras and fix them in no time using the latest equipment.
plumber Vaughan
plumber Vaughan

Septic system

For rural area households, a septic system is worth in weight of gold. We service these complicated systems of any kind with proper knowledge and expertise.

Superior Plumbing in Vaughan: our areas of expertise

Plumbing repairs

Noone likes having their plumbing fixtures broken. Even the slightest malfunction brings discomfort and can be quite annoying. Superior Plumbing & Heating helps their customers to get rid of those inconveniences. We offer a wide range of turnkey plumbing repair services in Vaughan. Our company is ready to take on any challenge – all you have to do is just give us a call! With us, you will not need to spend hours looking for the right fixtures for replacement – we have them all in our broad catalog and are happy to help you choose just the right one.

Plumbing installations

Buying new appliances can be a pain in the head, and so is their installation. We make certain that your plumbing installation experience is as painless as possible. By entrusting this task to our local plumbers in Vaughan, you get quality installation service with zero effort on your part. If you are at a loss with what plumbing appliances to choose from their numerous amounts, it is our pleasure to present you with a wide range of fixtures available in our catalog. In case you would want to go for something which is not on our list, our company provides preliminary inspection to determine the necessary requirements for the fixture of your choice. In addition to that, our services include basement sump pumps installation and backyard French mounting.

Drain and sewer fixing

Clogging and backup may become a constant issue in your home, unless the drains and sewers are properly maintained and duly cleaned several times a year. Because of the biological waste that often gets stuck in the pipes, an unpleasant odour, slow water drainage, or even drain backup can occur, thwarting the comfort of your day-to-day life. Our plumbers in Vaughan downtown deal with clogging and backup by applying the most modern tools like snaking and hydro-jetting. These methods help to get rid of the issue quickly and without the necessity to take any fixtures apart.

Heating and hot water appliance works

Urgent works and immediate repairs are not the sole services provided by the Superior Plumbing & Heating company. Our range of performed jobs extends to boiler and water heater installation, reparation or replacement. In order for your heating to work more effectively, our company offers services of replacing old fixtures with new alternatives, making your plumbing system more durable at a relatively low price. Fruitless and often extremely dangerous attempts of fixing an electric boiler on your own will only take up your time and energy. By assigning this job to a local plumber in Vaughan, you are guaranteed to receive qualified and timely help from a professional. It is Superior Plumbing & Heating duty to ensure that your boiler or water heater is properly installed and maintained.

Commercial Plumbing

It is not only in private households, where you need a properly functioning plumbing system. Restaurants and hotels are also in need of constant maintenance. More so, having problems with fixtures may cause customer outflow, which can turn out to be quite damaging for your business. To prevent this from happening, we are here to become your commercial plumbing contractor in Vaughan. Cooperating with us means you do not have to fret about waiting for services to be done, as our workers will always be nearby, making sure any problem is fixed straight away. If you are a business owner, think about long-term cooperation with Superior Plumbing & Heating to receive regular examinations of your enterprise’s plumbing system along with avoiding any unfortunate mishaps like clogging or drain and sewer malfunctions.

Water purification systems installation and maintenance

Calcium and magnesium, among other deleterious minerals in water, largely contribute to the ill-being of any living organism. Our health is highly dependent on the kind of water we drink and use in our daily chores. Water purifiers filter out all the harmful elements and deliver clean refined water for you to drink safely. To install a drinking water system, feel free to call us. Our plumbers will swiftly perform the installation, providing your home with drinkable water. After that, all that is needed for the filter to work properly is to change it every once in a while. Water softeners are yet another way to improve your health condition. Besides purifying your shower water, they enrich it with oils and beneficial ingredients to make your skin silk-like. Superior Plumbing & Heating presents the services concerning the installation together with maintenance of water purifying and softening systems to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers.

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Whatever your plumbing problem is our plumber can fix it in a snap, while:

Saving your time

Sometimes, it is impossible to wait a few days for a plumber to arrive. We understand that some issues need to be handled immediately. Call us at any time, no matter day or night, and you will receive timely help from our team of professionals in Vaughan. No need to search for “plumbing services near me”, as our local company is just around the corner! We will arrive and fix all your inconveniences in no time, so that you do not have to waste a second! At the times when every moment counts, our company provides on-phone consultations for you to act upon the issue while our plumber is on their way.

Saving your money

Ordering plumbing services in Vaughan in from us is a great deal! Our service calls are just 99$ and are included in the overall bill. We also offer call-out free of charge. Plumbers work only with the most updated equipment, making all the needed services cheap and easy to perform.

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What clients say about our plumbing services in Vaughan?

Good service

I advice anyone who wants to save time and get good service. The technician arrives on time and with a large set of tools. He did his job consulting on related plumbing issues. Installed the boiler, did it neatly, well and in a reasonable time. Therefore, I recommend superior plumbing and heating as the best!!

Date: 08-06-2022

Lily Gould

I can confidently recommend Superior Plumbing and Heating.

Date: 19-12-2021

Great company

I will contact you again! Great company-everything is really mobile and professional. If you are looking for a service that can be trusted, google the site of Superior Plumbing and Heating – you will make sure that they are thee best in their niche.

Date: 20-06-2022

Draven Oconnor

It was not the first time I applied to Superior Plumbing and Heating, and everything was done just as I had hoped. Thank you very much.

Date: 18-12-2021


Excellent, up-to-date, and courteous service. Their plumber impressed us with his level of competence and desire to do his best and help us. He explained the situation and what he planned to do about it, and did his job flawlessly. Moreover, we received a good discount. Superior Plumbing and Heating – you can be trusted!

Date: 19-06-2022

Daisy Watkins

I’m really pleased with the work of the plumber. It’s a snap. It’s a pleasure to meet you, as well. Water and a new faucet for the kid are both here now, thanks to our efforts.

Date: 14-12-2021

completed fast and on schedule

In our new home, we needed to purchase a water heater. Because we had always used the services of Superior Plumbing and Heating, we chose to purchase a water heater from them, which we were informed was a Rheem device. The task was completed fast and on schedule, as promised.The heater performs well after two weeks of usage.

Date: 24-06-2022

Leroy Locascio

Everything went according to plan. The plumber was there in a flash. The issue was quickly identified and remedied.

Date: 16-12-2021

Quickly Service!

The reverse osmosis falter was installed quickly and professionally by the plumber. All of the manufacturer’s recommendations were followed, including flushing, replacing cassettes and fleshing again. Thank you Superior Plumbing and Heating for the fast and professional approach!

Date: 26-06-2022

Neil Thomas

A big thanks to our plumber for a job well done. All agreements are respected, and the job is completed precisely and of high quality. I think it’s great!

Date: 15-12-2021

Call a Plumber Vaughan Trusts in!

With 1700+ satisfied customers in Vaughan, Superior Plumbing & Heating is the company that guarantees excellent services at an affordable cost. Due to our extensive range of performed works, we ensure that all your needs are promptly and duly met.

The company is aimed at delivering plumbing services in an exceptionally fine manner. Our customers are a priority for us at all times. Thus, we offer a wide system of special offers and discounts for all of you to enjoy. You can see the full list of our markdowns on our website.

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