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If Superior Plumbing were a hyphenated first name of an alive person, the last name would definitely sound like a Salty Dog or Old Campaigner. We have been on the market of HVAC and plumbing technologies for more than 30 years.


The winter is right out your window. If you don’t want it to be inside, consider quality heating equipment. Of course, if you are not a bigfoot.


Good cooling is the kind of stuff you notice only when it’s absent. Be sure your air conditioner will always be OK with Superior Plumbing.


Pipes, water lines, sump pumps, washbasins, water heaters, bathtubs, toilets and plumbing fixtures – what do they have in common?


Clogged drains are a pain in the neck for you, aren’t they? If yes, don’t panic as it’s the most common problem with this equipment. C

Superior Plumbing Service

  • We offer all kinds of services: buying, renting, installation, uninstallation, replacement, repair, maintenance and consultation.
  • Only high-qualified licensed specialists.
  • Punctuality first! Meeting deadlines is our affair of honour.
  • We sell you only what you need, no pitfalls.
  • Besides quality service and goods, we also care about your home cleanliness and your family’s comfort during all works.
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    Main Products & Service

    Water Heaters

    Hot water is a vital comfort factor for every household. There are two ways to get it: to live in Iceland where practice to use hot springs for heating is standard… or buy a water heater! The second option is more real for Toronto residents. Installation/uninstallation/replacement, buying, rent, repair – Superior Plumbing offers all types of services for all kinds of water heaters (tank or tankless, no matter) in Toronto and around.

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    Humans are homoiotherms, and there is nothing to be done with that. Even polar bears need warmth, much less people. The only difference between us is that people don’t have enough fat or fur to be protected from cold. But we have furnaces!When it goes to furnaces, Superior Plumbing can offer you only quality service and products. Thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers can prove that. Be sure we deliver warmth into your house!

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    Toronto Furnace Service

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    Air Conditioners

    Superior Plumbing is not accustomed to cooling off when it comes to cooling your apartment. We deal with a vast range of AC services and products – namely, we sell, install, uninstall, replace, rent and repair all air conditioner types, brands and models. No matter what one you’re interested in – duct or ductless, mini splits, window or portable AC – we deal with all of them. We do our work right, and thousands of positive reviews from loyal clients can prove that. Moreover, we cooperate only with TOP brands and hire only high-qualified licenced specialists.

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    Thank to technological development, nowadays, we have an opportunity not to die from frost and snow. It’s especially up-to-date for Canada, isn’t it? Thus, in this case, a quality boiler can help, and we know how to install and use it correctly. Moreover, to hold up well, we collaborate only with TOP brands and hire only high-qualified licenced specialists. 

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    Most popular boiler model

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    Air Handlers

    In Superior Plumbing, we understand the importance of quality liquid. That’s why we take up a mission to provide Canadians with quality water treatment systems. We sell, install, uninstall, replace, rent and repair air handling equipment. We deal with any “Draw-Through” or “Blow-Through” systems, and we do that well. Thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers can prove that.

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    Air Handlers Superior Plumbing Service

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    Ductless Heat Pumps

    Nowadays, more and more people prefer ductless heat pumps to duct air conditioners. Why? They are cheaper; they can cool individual rooms; they are easy to install… The list of advantages seems to be endless. If you live in a small private house or apartment, a mini-split system can be a perfect solution for you. To get one, fill in the feedback form or contact our 24/7 Support Service Team.

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    Ductless Heat Pump Toronto Service

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    Your Rebate Coupon

    Why Choose Superior Plumbing?

    Hot Offers

    Keeping up with your needs and wishes is one of the reasons for becoming our loyal customer. We are constantly providing special offers for loyal and new clients. Monitor to get more!

    Same Day Service

    We appreciate your time, comfort and peace of mind. That’s why our hight-qualified and licenced specialists are ready to help you within the shortest possible time.

    Upfront And Fair Pricing

    No hidden fees, additional payments and any financial pitfalls. We offer the pricing being transparent to the maximum. Before doing any work, our experts always name a fixed price.

    5 Stars Service

    100% satisfaction level is guaranteed. In another case, we will pay back or redo the work.

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    What others say about Superior Plumbing

    Catherine Lawrence


    Rating from:

    The specialist said this problem is a clear indication that the check valve is not working. He explained that check valves are supposed to trigger the pump when flood water enters the septic tanks

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    Rating from:

    Johnny Webster


    Rating from:

    When we decided to replace our water heater, we were seriously confused about the types of systems that are available. Thank you for providing all pros/cons of various units that would be

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    Rating from:

    Chris Williams


    Rating from:

    The heating engineers removed my old boiler, installed the new one in the spot requested, and connected the unit to radiators, water outlets and the cold water mains supply. They tested

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