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Superior Plumbing & Heating is an end-to-end plumbing service combining all you need to maintain your household’s plumbing system. We perform flawless emergency jobs in a flash, maintain the system regularly to prevent future problems, and deal with the appliance.

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emergency plumbing service Emergency Services

Round-the-clock support and service for any kinds of sudden plumbing tasks. We have no holidays or weekends.

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clogged drain plumber Clogged drains

Up-to-date technological solutions for drain cleaning and clogs removal. From under-sink to underground.

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sewer repair company Sewer line repair

Repair service for any kinds of sewers – copper and PVC. Modern camera inspections and trenchless repairs without digging.

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plumbing repair prices Plumbing Services & repair

From regular pipes and fixtures repair to massive appliances replacement.

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No additional costs or hidden fees.

Honest pricing, guaranteed and fast results. We always seek an acceptable solution working on your case. And our flexibility and individual approach are known, as we aim to fulfill your personal needs.

Complete warranty for all the jobs.

We insure you and your household from returning problems. Once our plumber handled the problem – it’s once and for all.

We are experienced, trained, and intelligent.

Working in a local market among other plumbing companies, we mastered gaining success resulting in 1700+ customers, and most of them continue to work with us for years and years.

Why choose Superior Plumbing?

plumber customer service
Fully licensed

All our employees have plumbing and gas licenses, as well as plenty of years of experience.

plumbers and plumbing contractors
Free service call
with repair

A fixed service call fee of $99 will be included in the overall job estimate after the repair finish.

plumber on call

We are trusted and reputable because we always value our clients high no matter what.

plumbing equipment repair
No extra

You only pay for the work done. We use ni hints and never charge you for the job more than it actually costs.

plumbing canada
local owned
& operated

We have been working in your neighbourhood for years and are always just around the corner to help you out.

plumber open on sunday

Our experts always come in a good mood, speak clean, respect your property and leave your house tidy.

urgent plumber near me
Same day

Most jobs are performed the same day as receiving your request. You don’t have to wait for days to have your issue fixed

fix it now plumbing
Trained phone support

Our operators will respond fast, hear your request correctly and make everything possible to have your problem solved

What are plumbing services?

Our superior plumbing services in Canada include everything connected with pipes, vents, air, water and heating systems. Mainly we deal with:

plumbing and drain cleaning services
Backed up pipes and toilets

The majority of queries contain such troubles as drain and sewer blockages and sudden toilet overflows. Such things are essential if you neglect the regular plumbing and drain cleaning services importance. Consumed water mixes with biowaste and food particles, get through filter mesh and produces nasty clogs down the pipe. Fortunately, such problems are being eliminated instantly by snaking the pipe. Even tough clogs can be removed without lines dismantling – we have special hydro-jets for that.

closest plumber near me
Pipes and sink leaks

That kind of sudden trouble can result in a huge calamity if ignored. A cracked pipe can cause a flood, destroying your property. That’s why you need reliable plumbing contractors for your home or business within your hand’s reach.

fixed price plumbing repairs
Appliance works

We are proficient in boilers and water heaters installation, maintenance, repair, and replacements. We work with a majority of producers and provide official services for your units. If you are willing to improve your dwelling and equip it with a more efficient appliance and minimize your energy costs, we’ll be happy to deliver you a solution for that. And don’t forget to check up our promotions page – special offers there are updated permanently.

plumbers near me
Commercial plumbing

We service commercial locations of all kinds – restaurants, hotels, private health clinics, educational institutions, etc. Our experts totally understand the specifics of commercial plumbing systems and always pre-inspect the issue before performing repair jobs. We serve fast and deliver a complete warranty for everything we do to keep your busin ess safe from any plumbing disasters to come.

What People Are Saying About Superior Plumbing & Heating

Hundreds of verified reviews

Sandy in Toronto

Everything was great. Quickly discussed the details of the work with the operator of Superior Plumbing, agreed on a time. The service was provided on the same day. The plumber fixed the problem and gave recommendations about pool heater usage. I recommend

Denise Boone

There was not the right part due to the exclusivity of the air handler. The technician picked up an analogue of the detail, everything works, without problems! Very happy! We do recommend it!

Pamela in Toronto

The Team of Superior Plumbing was polite, neat. The technician, who came to fix the tankless water heater explained and told us everything , solved all this issues that arose in the process . The work was done quickly and with high quality. I definitely recomend this company.

Kathy Collier

I liked Superior Plumbing and Heating very much! The technician John, who came, fixed the Rheem water eater quickly, carefully, and completely. I will recommend the company to all my friends and acquaintances.

Feeney Alesha

My old boiler started acting up, They inspected the place and gave me a few options to choose from which was a nice touch. Installation was quick as said on their website. Will for sure cooperate with them again.

Joseph Bray

The company responded quickly, made a diagnosis of ductless AC Mitsubishi, identified the problem and the necessary spare parts, purchased and replaced them. I am very grateful to the company for such client-orientedness.

Brooke Stacy

I’ve been a client to this company for several years now and just want to say that not once have they had any delays in their work. That’s amazing, I would recommend them to everyone

Debbie Anderson

This was my first time using the services of this site. I needed to fix the gas lines. When Superior Plumbing and Heating responded to my order, I was happy. The work performed, punctuality and very satisfactory. The price is adequate.

Marc Ebbesen

All the positive feedback confirms the professionalism of Superior Plumbing & Heating. The plumber started working the same day as we met him at the site. And the next day he was finished. The work was performed exactly as required. I recommend others to contact Superior Plumbing & Heating.

Lisa Melendez

To be honest, this is the first time I have met with such an attitude towards work and promptness of the maintenance of in-floor heating!

Frequently asked questions

How much does a plumber service call cost?

A service call costs $99. That’s our minimum wage for plumers arrival at your place. But as mentioned above, we have no hidden or additional charges. So, a service call fee will be included in the total price in case you proceed with repairs. This is how it works: you order a service call, and our plumber arrives for an inspection, discloses a problem, and concludes that repair will cost you $200, for example. In that case, when the job is done, you will be charged $200 for repairs only, and not(!) $299.

How much does a plumber cost per hour in Canada?

Wages for plumbing in Canada differ depending on changeable factors. And it is extremely hard for a modern plumbing company to go strictly flat rated on that market. Hearing a customer’s request, it’s almost impossible to estimate a case correctly before the inspection took place. That’s why we have a fix-price service call and then act by circumstances, providing you with a suitable solution for your wallet and timings.

How do I find a reliable plumber?

You should always pay attention to whether a plumber is licensed or not. Also, experience plays a pivotal role. A reliable plumber will always pre-inspect the system before fixing anything and explain the disclosed problem’s nature in plain English.

What is the difference between a licensed plumber and a master plumber?

A licensed plumber is a worker confirmed by the government to have a license for plumbing and gas appliance works. A Master plumber is a plumber who also takes part in the management process and operates the process in case of significant and complicated tasks requiring teamwork.

What is the difference between a residential and commercial plumber?

Residential and commercial plumbing have nearly everything in common but a few specific subtle differences. Commercial locations often have more complicated systems with more fixtures and appliances connected to each other. So, it would be appropriate to claim that commercial plumber should have much more experience in such tangled situations.

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