Drain snaking

Clogged drains and pipes in the house are among the most common and annoying problems. We all have encountered obstruction in the water lines when the water does not go at all or goes very slowly. It may happen because of hair, ruffles, animal hair, and other small debris.

 When it comes to the sewer pipe, all the litter collects in a dense ball, which prevents the free passage of water. It may happen again and again, seriously disrupting the daily routine. Fortunately, there are many cheaper and easier ways to solve the problem and trap small debris than calling a drain snaking service.

You can clean the clogged drain in various ways. Some people request a drain snaking service or use special chemicals that need to be poured into a clogged sink or drain. But sewage treatment with such substances is harmful, and detergents are often inconvenient and dangerous.

Drain snaking is the best drain cleaner option in case of obstruction. With the help of a drain snake, you can destroy even old plugs from debris or silt deposits in the pipeline. This plumbing tool skillfully cleans risers, drains, toilet bowls or other plumbing. This cleaning method will easily clean the drain of the washbasin or bathtub from unnecessary garbage. Think twice before seeking help from a plumber if you can easily clean the drain yourself and save some money? Using this simple but effective plumbing fixture – snake cleaner- will make your drains clean and serviceable for a long time. You will forget this plumbing problem.

Plumbing Issues Drain Snaking Can Easily Resolve

Clogged Sink

Take off the siphon and unscrew the drain hole in the sink. Now take the clog remover tool and insert it into the pipe with smooth circular movements. If you feel an obstacle not letting you go further, try to move on – it may not be an obstruction but a pipe corner. If a drain snake stumbles upon something and can’t pass quickly, keep turning the drain snake to break up the created debris and go through it. Trap small debris, clean the snake, and try again.

Toilet Clogged

Drain snakes are helpful for cleaning works in a bathroom. To apply a snake, carefully insert the tool into the drain hole, turn this plumbing fixture and pull it out. A snake thoroughly removes hair tangles and small debris and effectively unclog toilets. You can use this tool for all types of pipes. Besides, it prevents a small blockage from becoming a larger one. A great purchase that would be useful in any house. If you have this cleaning tool, you will stop turning to plumbers with any minor obstruction.

Unclog Bathtub Drain

If you want to clean the drain in the bathroom, drain snaking will simplify this task. Convenient to operate and easy to apply, designed for multiple uses to wear cleaning pads and lint. The drain snaking fixture has a flexible design to carry out cleaning work without removing the stock plug. This plumbing tool does not require any specialized skills.

Sewer Line Cleaning

You may quickly unclog sewage lines and bring them to normal working conditions. Rags and plastic bags, thrown in the toilet, turn into a cork can be removed manually. A drain snake allows breaking a firm stopper created by mineral and organic sediment. It can be used for the delicate cleaning of sewage pipes made of fiberglass. If your sewer pipes are plastic, it is better to use a cable with a rubberized braid. Rubber will protect the walls and joints of pipes from damage.

Remember that if you do not remove the clogging in the sewer pipe in time, connections and seals can burst, and even metal pipes can start to leak.

Clean Sink Drain

Drain snaking also helps unclog a sink in a bathroom, kitchen, shower cabins, etc. You will significantly reduce expenses and avoid buying expensive detergents. Preventive use of this device once a month will allow you to forget about obstruction problems.

Before starting work, be sure to check the integrity of the drain snake. Because the cleaning tool breaks in the pipe, extracting may be very problematic, and you will have no choice but to disassemble the sewer.

To Sum Up

Drain snaking is an effective way to avoid obstruction and grab all the litter from the kitchen or bathroom sink, drain or sewer. The process is not complicated and applicable to all types of pipes. Besides, it is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals. You will no longer be dependable on a plumber because you will be able to handle it on your own. Drain snake perfectly unclogs the blocked drains and sinks. With this device, pipe obstruction will not be a problem anymore. With the help of this functional device, the drains in your house will always be perfectly clean.

Thus, if you have not purchased a drain snake yet, it’s time to buy one! After all, such a nuisance as plumbing obstruction can happen at any time, and it is important to have a proven device at hand which can quickly get rid of this problem.


How much does it cost to snake a drain?

If you consider ordering a drain snaking service, or you need to drain snake the mainline – call us now, and we will give you an estimate. The price depends on the complexity of the plumbing issue and the cleaning fixtures necessary to solve it and trap debris.

Thus, if you want to save money, you can choose to snake a drain on your own. You can quickly handle it without a plumber since the cleaning snake is easy to handle.

Can drain snake damaged pipes?

A drain snake is the simplest plumbing tool for clog removal, designed to be easy to use by anyone and everyone. However, this cleaning tool damages the pipes or becomes hard to manage when misused. You can always order a drain snaking service if you are afraid to ruin the water lines. Use a drain snake carefully when cleaning the old pipes since old pipes in many homes are galvanized or coated in zinc or chrome, an ancient technique aimed at preventing the pipe from corroding or rusting.