Amidst a large scale of plumbing services performed by our company, Superior Plumbing offers businesses commercial boiler installation and replacement works. Our certified professional plumbers will effortlessly install or replace your boiler without any problems or delays. By becoming your commercial contractors, we guarantee the quality and promptness of our work at all times. Contact Superior Plumbing right now to get more information about the service!

What size is a commercial boiler?

The size of a commercial boiler can be different depending on a variety of factors such as the size of the building, heat loss etc. If the building is not big, logically, a smaller-sized boiler will be required and vice versa. The same rule applies to heat loss. Buildings with lots of unsecure doors, windows and draughts will lose heat more quickly, meaning that a boiler with bigger capacity would be needed. Superior Plumbing qualified plumbers will advise you on the best option for your entity, taking into account all the aforementioned aspects. Call us today!

How long does a commercial boiler last?

The usual durability of a boiler constitutes 10-15 years. To make sure your boiler is not wearing out quicker than it should, consider ordering systematic inspections and maintenance. Besides, when choosing a boiler, pay attention to the compatibility of its size to your entity, as unnecessary big boilers tend to break down faster. Superior Plumbing is always ready to maintain your boiler and assist you in choosing just the right one for your office. Contact us now!

When should a commercial boiler be replaced early?

Besides the age of your boiler, there can be some other signs, indicating that it needs replacement. The first is an odd noise. If your boiler starts producing sounds that it never had before, it may be the time for you to think about replacing it. Also, if you notice that the heating is uneven, it may too signify that there is something wrong. A drop in efficiency is yet another indicator to replace your boiler. And last but not least – leaks. Leaking is the most obvious problem, meaning there is something wrong. Our company’s local experienced plumbers are experts in commercial boiler replacement. We work swiftly, causing no hampering to the functioning of your business. Make Superior Plumbing your commercial contractors now!

How much does a plumber charge to install a boiler?

The price of boiler installation can vary depending on numerous facets. What can be stated for sure is that our service call cost is always fixed at 99$ and is included in the final bill. Furthermore, Superior Plumbing has an extensive range of discounts and special offers that you can check out on our website! Do not hesitate to contact us!