Reliable residential plumbing repair for local householders

For Superior Plumbing & Heating, helping householders to quickly repair and regularly maintain their plumbing systems has been the central area of expertise and activity for many years. We went through years and years of successful performance and know for sure what our customers value the most. For today, our formula of excellence consists mainly of the following advantages:

  • Same-day service policy. If the case can be solved on the same day – it definitely will be. Our specialists arrive on customer’s location very fast indeed due to the fact we are a neighbourhood company and have local offices in all the major cities and regions of the country. That service speed was not an easy achievement to gain, but we knew for sure that it is really necessary. Emergency residential plumbing issues are like a timebomb – you can’t afford to wait for days to “defuse” it and need help right now. That is why our team members are always just around the corner for you.
  • Employees with top-experience only. Our reputation and success depend on three main hinges – our management, our support team and our techs. We try hard to push the limits of our capabilities in creating the best team in the business, and to tell the truth – we are quite prosperous in that. We hire only licensed plumbers with at least 10 years of overall experience. Our phone and online support team is trained as well – they are not just “the living voicemail”, but competent experts who can give you helpful tips on minimizing the threat while the residential plumbing team is rushing to your place.
  • Pricing that anyone can afford. Let’s be honest at this point – you can’t buy things cheaper than they really cost. Buy nice or buy twice, as they say. And we are not trying to be the cheapest plumbers around. We are trying to be the fairest. So we guarantee you that you will only pay reasonable market prices for the performed jobs, with no extra charges or call-out fees.

What residential plumbing problems do we help resolve

  • Clogged drains and sewers. With state-of-the-art technologies like hydro-jetting, we can get rid of all the nasty clogs in one go, beating even the tough and solid ones in a matter of hours. Hydro-jet can even tackle tree root intrusions.
  • Backups. Quick case inspection and determination of the cause are keys to success in fixing backups. We remove obstructions using plumbing snakes and jets.
  • Plumbing leaks. That’s the “residential plumbing services near me” Nº1 query. From leaking faucets to sewer cracks – any problem that involves dripping water can be solved on the same day by us.
  • Plumbing fixtures installation and replacement. Do you need to install a new toilet, or is your shower cabin beyond repair? We will be glad to provide you with an extensive catalogue of items to pick up from and perform the needed installation jobs.

Residential plumbing maintenance – why does everyone need it

Above mentioned disasters can be minor or major, but no person in this world would consider them pleasant things to happen in his life. But today, we can state that the lucky ticket granting you the ability to dodge them all at once actually exists. And its name is residential plumbing maintenance. Our tech not only inspects your plumbing system’s condition with a naked eye. We use up-to-date CCTV cameras to look inside the pipes and see all that is hidden there. The maintenance plan also includes boiler and water heater checks.

Give us a call or fulfill the form to start treating your plumbing as it deserves and protect your household from all the unexpected wet disasters!