Superior Plumbing offers businesses commercial plumbing services. As a commercial contractor, among other plumbing works, our company performs sink faucet installations. Local licensed plumbers are available around the clock and are always in the closest neighbourhood to make sure your entity is functioning at its best. Contact Superior Plumbing right now to receive quality and prompt faucet installation services for your business!

How to install a commercial sink faucet?

Different types of faucets have varying installation processes. It is not recommended to install a faucet yourself, since incorrect actions may lead to dreadful consequences, especially when it comes to public restrooms, where there are multiple faucets to install. To avoid any mishaps, entrust this task to professionals like Superior Plumbing. Our certified plumbers follow a set of steps to install a sink faucet correctly. First, they turn off the water supply. Then, our plumbers mount the unit on the sink and assemble the water supply lines. The final step is to turn on the water supply and flush everything to check for leaks. This process is highly tedious and demanding, which makes calling for Superior Plumbing the most sensible solution in this case. Call us now to make sure that your faucet is installed professionally and with no delays.

How to install a commercial wall mount faucet?

Just like with the usual faucet installation, it is significantly better to refer to a licensed plumber to complete the job. Superior Plumbing local professional plumber will carefully install the wall mount faucet and handle every part of it with extra care. First of all they will apply pipe joint compound to supply the nipples and place each flanged inlet at its place.

Next, they assemble the following parts in the correct order: rubber washer, washer, lock nut and elbow, and tighten it all reasonably. Overtightening may break the faucet and cause separate parts to wear out faster. By entrusting the wall mount faucet installation at your entity to Superior Plumbing professionals, you save yourself from all the dirty work and unnecessary expenses.

Our company proposes a large set of discounts and special offers available on our website and guarantees the quality of the work performed. Do not hesitate to call us and make Superior Plumbing your commercial contractor right now to always have a professional plumber by your side in case of any plumbing emergencies! Contact us now!