If you are the owner of commercial premises, equipped with boilers, you can’t avoid the necessity to maintain this kind of appliance correctly and regularly. Boilers are complicated and, without proper service, can generate enormous troubles for your business, including legal ones.

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Commercial boiler service – what should be known

In accordance with the law, you, as a landlord or the business owner, carry all the responsibility for your guests’ and employees’ safety and have a legal duty to prevent incidents that can harm them. Gas appliance failures and breakages are among those incidents. So, your boiler maintenance is your legal duty too, and it can not be ignored or neglected if you don’t want to face penalties. Governmental Health & Safety executives are able to issue even criminal proceedings against persistent violators.

And we are not only speaking about catastrophic explosions. Cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are also widely known around the world. And on top of these disastrous cases culprits list are broken gas boilers. Carbon monoxide has no odor, color, or smell, and it’s almost impossible to detect it in the air. But the threat it poses to human health can be fatal.

On the other hand, the low operational efficiency of your commercial boiler is a threat to your business by itself, even without taking legal details into consideration. Low efficient boilers in institutes like hotels, for example, can lead to an incredible cost increase. Old and unserviced consume several times more fuel. And you are the one to pay for that.

Regular maintenance will also protect you from the need to replace the whole system in a moment. Imagine how expensive it can be, and the maintenance price will seem a small change to you compared to that pots of money.

How often should a commercial boiler be serviced?

In most cases, servicing your commercial boiler once a year would be enough. More often service would do no harm, but enlargening service intervals – on the contrary, will deliver you problems like possible breakages or, at least, invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular commercial service includes:

  • Heat exchanger, combustion fan, and burner checkup
  • Error codes reading
  • Combustion checkup
  • Condensate siphon cleaning
  • Automatic or manual air vent checkup
  • Ionization current check
  • Water pressure check
  • Probes cleaning
  • Air supply connections and flue gas outlet checkup