Superior Plumbing carries out a big range of plumbing repair services for commercial businesses. Our professional licensed plumbers will fix a faucet in your public restroom or kitchen in no time! There is no need to pause the functioning of your business, as the workers will arrive as soon as it is requested and repair everything without hampering the workflow. Call us now to make Superior Plumbing your reliable commercial contractor!

How to repair a commercial faucet?

The process of repair is different with each of its types, namely two-handled (ceramic disc, compression, reverse-compression, cartridge faucets) and single-handled (ball, cartridge and ceramic disc). Depending on the model of your tap, different works are required to fix it like a cylinder replacement for the ceramic disc faucets or O-ring and washer change for the reverse compression ones. Generally speaking, to repair a faucet, an experienced plumber would first shut off the water, then carefully dismantle and inspect the aerator and handles to identify the damage. After all the replacement is done, the faucet parts need to be put together correctly again without excessive tightening. All these manipulations require a qualified plumber like Superior Plumbing. Do not try to do it yourself, as it may only worsen the problem and hamper the work of your entity, or even cause a customer outflow. Superior Plumbing is always around the corner to assist you in such delicate issues! Contact us now!

How do you fix a leaking commercial sink?

A dripping or leaking faucet may seem like a minor inconvenience. The truth is, it may be repelling for some of your clients and even cause an increase in water bills! To fix a leak, one needs to shut off the water supply, take the faucet apart, look for whatever is damaged and replace it. However, repairing a sink yourself is not such a good idea, since there are numerous parts that might need proper installation and maintenance. That is why, whenever you notice that one of your faucets has a leak, do not hesitate to call Superior Plumbing immediately! Our certified plumbers will dismantle your sink to inspect all the components and identify whether the leak is coming from the aerator, insufficiently tight handles or the drain. We will assist you in replacing all the malfunctioning parts with brand new ones that fit perfectly to your specific kind of tap. Call Superior Plumbing today!

Can a handyman replace a faucet?

While a handyman theoretically can replace a faucet, it is not advisable to trust someone who does not have a license with such delicate work. Superior Plumbing has only certified plumbers that perform all the plumbing works efficiently and professionally. Do not put the functioning of your business in jeopardy by ordering unqualified workforce! Our company is always ready to become your commercial contractor and guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us now!