When it comes to business, water is not the thing to mess with. A properly functioning plumbing system, especially its supplying part – is one of the primary keys to administrative seamlessness. Even a tiny leak in your main water line, dripping slowly and carrying no harm from the first glance, can steal thousands of dollars from your budget via the increased water consumption cost in the long run. If you want to prevent this kind of occasional expenses from happening, you should order a commercial water leak detection service for your enterprise regularly.

How does leak detection work?

A leak detection service is a set of manipulations aiming at your pipe system’s quick checkup with minimal interruption to the working process in your business facility. There are two ways to perform it using different techniques and equipment.

  • Pipe camera inspections. The most common and efficient way to find out what’s going on inside the pipes for sure. The method employs a special CCTV camera placed on the point of 330 feet long cable that penetrates the pipe through a drain hole or a cleanout. Images from the camera are transmitted to the monitor allowing you to check the pipe’s conditions in real-time. This is a highly informative method that helps not only to detect exiting leaks but also to estimate pipe’s durability and level of sediments.
  • Ultrasonic leak detector. This kind of equipment is hand-held and compact but also works well in some situations. The detector should be manually aimed at pipe location (even if it is placed under the cement floor or inside the wall, as the detector has about 6 meters of reach length). An ultrasonic scanner Intercepts the high-frequency leak sounds and converts them to a lower hearable range. This method is exceptionally useful with pressurized pipes, but may be unsuitable with some kinds of underground drains and sewers.
  • Infrared camera inspections. The method involves a special infrared camera that helps to see temperature fluctuations through the walls. This can be very helpful while detecting hot water leaks in supply pipes.

How much does the leak detection cost?

Depending on the size of your enterprise and the age and conditions of your plumbing system, leak detection can be either a matter of minutes or a very time-consuming event. It’s hard to foresee the time consumption and required equipment for the exact case. However, you can always order a service call for a fixed $99 price. Our commercial plumbing experts will come to your location in a preferable time to pre-inspect the case and come up with an efficient solution.