When it comes to the non-stop functioning of your enterprise, your commercial plumbing system is on the top of the list of aspects to secure first.

Superior Plumbing & Heating service excels in providing business owners with quality plumbing system maintenance services and making sure their business interests are secure and proof of leaks and backups.

Commercial Plumbing Camera Inspections – Why Do You Need It?

If you are running a hospitality industry business, whether a restaurant or a hotel, your plumbing system’s health should be on top of your priorities. Surface problems, like faucet leaks, for example, are evident and can be fixed without inspection. But what if the root problem lies deep down the pipe, beyond the eye can reach?

Imagine how devastating an unsuggested severe plumbing issue can be and how much money you can lose in that case. A simple and common sewer blockage or leak can paralyze the whole enterprise for hours or even for days. If you don’t want such a disaster to happen – you should take preventive pipe inspections seriously.

What is CCTV camera inspection?

A CCTV plumbing camera inspection is a method of preventative plumbing manipulations that aims to detect possible future problems of your plumbing system. A camera is mounted on a special crawler that goes inside the pipe and transmits high-resolution images on the monitor, so the plumber is able to see what’s going on in your sewer in real-time. In case of weak spots detection (greased areas or small leaks), required measures can be taken easily.

Pipe inspections also help to fight plumbing emergencies when they have already happened. When you face a sewer backup, it is much easier to handle the problem when you determine the location of its cause. Disclosing the clog position, it is faster to send the hydro-jetter straight to the point rather than wash the whole pipe through.

How far can a sewer camera go?

A modern sewer camera has a reach of about 330 feet long. Usually, that’s enough to leave no blindspots during the inspection. Of course, your overall sewer length can be much more, but if constructed in the right way, it allows us to reach any sector, using different drain holes or cleanouts as an entering point.