What is a plumbing camera inspection?

Superior Plumbing & Heating has been providing its local services for more than 20 years, particularly complex plumbing camera inspection. Thanks to our hard work and reliability, we have earned the trust of more than 1,785 customers across Canada. You can look at their positive reviews on our website. We are a team of 35 experienced specialists who perform the most difficult tasks, not letting your domestic issues cause you a headache.

The plumbing inspection is an excellent preventive method that will save you from unexpected excesses in the future. It would also be a great way to spot a leak without disturbing the foundation. Thanks to the latest modern equipment, the camera inspection allows us to see the minor cracks and accumulation of rust. Therefore, our «All-Seeing Eye» enables the plumber to be fully aware of the actual system state and begin searching for the relevant solution by having all the information needed.

When should I get a drain inspection?

We believe that periodic pipe maintenance is the key to the longevity of the entire drainage system. Thus we recommend such services.  Despite the fact that many companies on the market advise seeking help when faced with a problem, our specialists think differently. An annual, or every few years, drain inspection in Mississauga will help you detect debris or dirt buildup immediately to prevent unpleasant clogs.

Unfortunately, without special equipment, no expert will be able to determine the exact location of the failure. In order not to wait for the sewage to flood your house, we recommend checking your pipes regularly. Among other things that cause pipes malfunction are corrosion, tree root damage, blockage buildup etc. All these things could be found even in total darkness because there are bright LED lights on the flexible rod with a high-resolution camera at the end. In addition, the whole process will be recorded, and we will gladly show you our “before/after” results of work.

Also, it is highly recommended to add drain and sewer camera inspection in Mississauga to your house-buying checklist. This way, you can protect yourself from excessive spending in the future. Take care of it before or immediately after the purchase because this service can save you a fortune in future repairs of the entire system.

How much is a sewer camera inspection in Mississauga?

Our company’s policy in this matter is quite simple – we do our job with no hidden fees. The price for sewer line inspection in Mississauga will depend on many factors, but we always provide the upfront pricing. Therefore you can always see what you get. Also, you not only get a complete labour warranty but are also guaranteed not to be cheated after carrying out all the necessary actions. Schedule an appointment online or contact our 24/7 call center to receive more customer information. Superior Plumbing & Heating is your primary assistant in the plumbing business!