We receive hundreds of calls each week from customers who want toilet plumbing services in their homes. Toilet repair isn’t for the faint of heart; whether it’s a problem with the flush or a leaky tank, a lot can go wrong, and it’s critical to be able to detect the problem if you need to call a plumber. Our specialists can help you resolve any kind of problem.

Why is the toilet broken?

The most common problem in bathrooms is the malfunction of toilet cisterns. Buttons are sticking, slow filling of the storage tank, continuous leakage of water from an overflowing cistern and many others.

Water from the cistern leaks into the sewer.

Improper adjustment of the cistern and overflow system.

If such a thing has happened to your unit, then you definitely need toilet repair in Mississauga. Such issues are usually solved by a simple adjustment of two things – the water level in the cistern and the overflow pipe.

Failure of the drain valve. 

This is the worst and, at the same time, a common failure of poor-quality stop valve cistern. In most cases, this problem can be solved by a complete replacement of the valve or the entire drain mechanism. If, after replacing the valve in the near future the story repeats itself, it is better to buy a drain mechanism of another design. Fix toilet in Mississauga is easier than it seems.

No water in the tank.

The fault may be the inlet shutoff valve, which was mentioned above. But in this case, it has to be cleaned. To begin, completely remove the float – shut off the water supply to the tank, remove the flexible hose and unscrew the plastic nut that holds the float with a locking mechanism in the hole of the tank. After that, completely remove it from the hole. Also, you can call our handyman to repair your toilet in the city of Mississauga.

The buttons are stuck or jammed.

Such a problem can be solved by cleaning the buttons themselves from rust and dirt. It is better to use cleaning agents since maintaining the sanitary condition of the buttons allows you to get rid of this problem once and for all. Some people simply pour a small amount of detergent directly into the button mechanism.

If you detect any of the failures, you should immediately carry out a repair of the toilet tank in order to avoid flooding the neighbours or the increased water charges for constant water leaks from the tank. Contact our craftsmen to quickly and efficiently carry out the repairs needed.

How to fix a running toilet in Mississauga?

There are many ways to do that. First off, look externally, assess the cause, unscrew the barrel, and see if there is something clogged. If you can’t detect the issue, then it’s our turn to act. Our technicians have everything they need for quality repair. Only after a complete diagnosis we can determine the cause and its solutions. Sometimes one look from our toilet plumber in Mississauga is enough to understand the essence of the problem.

How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

We have the most democratic prices, and we are really proud of it. So it’s time to order the toilet repair service in Mississauga to make sure of it. The price includes an inspection of the plumbing, expert advice, and routine repairs that will extend the life of the product. You will be able to find out the exact cost of the work after our specialists inspect the plumbing, identify the cause and assess the complexity of the work.