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Our team employs only the best and most experienced technicians who are ready to help solve any technical problems. But to prevent them from happening, it is necessary to regularly clean the sewer repair system in Mississauga. Among the most important tasks that have to be solved during the operation of sewerage networks are reconstruction and drainage. All these can be easily accomplished by us.

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What are the signs of a broken sewer line?

Houses face a big wave of problems with cast iron sewer pipes due to the fact that these pipes have a service life of 25-35 years. If your sewer pipes are over 25 years old, they can fail at any time. Preventive maintenance of pipelines – it is important to avoid damage to the pipeline in the beginning. Regular inspections and sewer cleaning services will help you protect your pipes from large debris and deposits, as well as avoid cracks, debris or breaks.

  • Sewer Stops

The problem is probably related to your equipment. You need to get the full sewer line replacement if you live in Mississauga for proper drainage. If you periodically encounter clogs again after cleaning then you may have faced another problem related to plant roots, cracks leaking surrounding soil or improper pipe connections.

  • Sewer odors

If you smell sewer odor in the building, this is the first sign that there is a crack somewhere in the sewer system. Piping should be sealed everywhere except for roof vents where sewage flows out.

  • Mold problem

In addition to the odor coming from the drains, the formation of mold can be evidence of burst pipes behind the walls. Mold, in order to begin to grow, only needs a moisture level above 50%. However, a burst pipe behind a wall can increase the degree of moisture to a level that allows mold to grow.

  • Slow drain

Slow drains can be a sign that clogging is forming, which will eventually lead to pipe breakage.

How long does it take to fix a sewer?

The time it takes to repair or replace a sewage line varies. The type of damage, as well as the location of the pipes, will play a large influence in deciding how long it will take to repair or replace them. A big blockage under a home may be cleared in half a day, but replacing ancient pipes that have fallen or been damaged by tree roots could take 3 to 5 days. Older, out-of-date pipes may cause issues that will take longer to fix. Sewer repairs sometimes need excavation, which takes time, though trenchless repairs are becoming more popular. A sewer repair might take anywhere from one to three days.

How do I know if my sewer line needs to be replaced?

Sewer line repair in Mississauga is very important. Given that it is in constant use, it is expected that at some point it will require maintenance. Here are some signs that may mean your sewer system needs repair or replacement of your commercial or residential sewer line:

  1. A strong foul odor comes from your basement, yard, or any other parts of your property;

  2. Flooding in areas around sewer lines;

  3. Slow sink drain or bathtub;

  4. No water in the toilet;

  5. Strange gurgling sounds coming from the toilet;

  6. Backing up the sewage in your bathroom or toilet;

  7. Lots of green grass near your sewer line.

Maintenance should always be the first option when it comes to damaged pipelines. Replacing your sewer line may seem like a long process that requires a lot of digging. But thanks to advances in technology, there is a trenchless repair sewer line in Mississauga replacement options for you.