Superior Plumbing & Heating can assist you if you have plumbing problems at home, or need a plumbing repair company you can depend on in an emergency. Our dedicated team of plumbers is available 24/7 and can provide long-term maintenance and repair services in addition to our same-day hot water boiler installation and replacement service. We’ve offered our plumbing repair and upkeep services to clients in Mississauga. Our service is unmatched since we deal with customers big and small, across practically every type of facility and function, and with all major manufacturers.

You can rely on Superior Plumbing & Heating to provide assistance with any issue. If you require a plumber for anything from toilet repair to clogged drains, our knowledgeable, skilled, and professional staff will identify the root of the issue and take care of it for you. You won’t be billed if we can’t solve it.

How much does it cost to install a boiler in Mississauga?

The general cost to hire a heating specialist varies according to the grade of new boiler you select, how simple it is to install, what optional features you choose/need, and your location. For a simple task that consists only of replacing an old boiler with a new model using existing gas and water pipes, the usual labour cost of installing will be less expensive. However, rebuilding the entire central heating system, which includes the boiler, thermostat, controls, new gas supply line, and rerouting radiator water pipes, could cost more.

Superior Plumbing & Heating often holds various promotions for new and regular customers. We are ready to offer you the best boiler installation cost in Mississauga.

Is fitting a boiler hard?

Installing a boiler is a complex process. Not everyone can handle it on their own. At a minimum, it requires special tools and knowledge. It is also highly desirable that the fitter has experience installing boilers. After all, it will be difficult to do it if you have never installed a electric, oil, gas or combi boiler, even if you follow the instructions clearly, which are usually written in complex technical language. In addition, when doing that on your own, there is a big risk that the boiler may leak. If water gets on the electrical wiring, it will be dangerous not only for the device itself but also for your life. Therefore, it makes much more sense to choose our professional aid in this matter.

Superior Plumbing & Heating offers household and commercial boiler installation in Mississauga. Our specialists will quickly and efficiently hook up a boiler, be it an apartment building or an office. They will take into account your wishes regarding the place of installation of the boiler, securely fix it, and connect it to the water supply and electricity network. Just a few hours after contacting us, hot water will appear in your home.

How long do boilers usually last?

Most boilers are designed to last 10-12 years. Boiler life depends not only on the brand of the unit you choose but also on the quality of installation and its use over time. If you want the device to serve you as long as possible, it should be installed by professionals. In other cases you will replace your boiler much earlier. We’d be delighted to discuss your plumbing maintenance requirements with you. To handle any plumbing repair needs, we can dispatch a plumber to your location immediately.