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Our local experts are 100% certified to perform faucet repairs. For more than 20 years, our team has been providing an emergency service to prevent flooding of the entire apartment due to accidental faucet malfunctions. There is no reason for waiting forever for the plumber to come and then overpay for a new floor – call Superior Plumbing & Heating and get the best assistance to fix a faucet in Mississauga!

How to repair a leaky faucet in Mississauga?

In practice, there are many reasons why your faucet can leak – from water pressure to the damaged cartridge. In another way, we believe that it will be more important to find ways out of this unpleasant situation. If you are tired of googling “leaky faucet repair in Mississauga” then it’s our turn to help you out.

You can find 4 varieties of faucets on the market: compression, cartridge, ball, and ceramic disc. The basic repair principle of all models is the separation of the handle or aerator, followed by replacing damaged parts of the mechanism. Nevertheless, let’s talk about each model’s repair features in detail.

In case you need to repair the cartridge-type faucet, our specialist will perform all necessary actions. Using the replacement kit, he will take and pull out the cartridge, cut expired O-rings and grease new ones. He will also replace the additional faulty or damaged components of the faucet.

The remarkable repair feature of compression-type faucets is the frequent failure of the seat washers. For their adequate replacement, qualified plumbers also resort to the O-rings replacement. In addition, our professionals pay attention to the integrity of the retainer. This set of actions is an established mechanism for the faucet repair in Mississauga, provided by Superior Plumbing & Heating technicians.

Ball-type repair is the most challenging option of all presented. Its feature is a large number of functional elements, which leads to the majority of leakage holes. Here, our experts perform the replacement of springs, rubber seats and the ball itself. Before doing such actions, we will carefully inspect the last one if it needs to be restored because the ball isn’t always the root of all tap issues.

Finally, our plumbers have prepared unique repair methods for the owners of ceramic disc models. If you notice that the tap is leaking – the disc cartridge, O-ring seals or cylinder are needed to be replaced. During O-rings restoration, we also inspect the faucet body holes for the symptoms of clogging.

We draw your attention to the need to immediately call a specialist at the first signs of faucet breakdown. Self-repairing can be dangerous for the mechanism itself, the rest of the plumbing equipment, and your entire property. Save your money and strengths for something more substantial – our faucet repair service in Mississauga will take care of your issues.

How much does it cost to fix a faucet in Mississauga?

The cost of faucet repair in Mississauga is democratic, and the “no hidden fees” strategy allows us to make it transparent. Since too many factors affect the final repair cost in each case, we recommend you contact our 24/7 call center to get more detailed information. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of a wide range of seasonal offers and discounts, which are always relevant on our website. Call us now and get reliable assistance at any time of the day!