Superior Plumbing specializes in all kinds of plumbing repairs. Local licensed plumbers are experts in faucet repair works. With our same-day service, you will not have to wait for days to get your leaky tap fixed. We arrive as soon as possible after your order. Call Superior Plumbing now to receive a timely and professional repair service in Oshawa!

How do you fix a faucet?

The repairment process varies depending on the kind and model of the faucet, namely:


  • Ceramic disc faucet
  • Compression faucet
  • Reverse compression faucet
  • Cartridge faucet


  • Ball faucet
  • Cartridge faucet
  • Ceramic disc faucet

Each of these models needs to be managed in a separate way. Generally, to repair a faucet, one requires to dismantle its handles or aerator (depending on where the breakage is located) and replace the damaged parts.

In case of a two-handle faucet, first, the plumber shuts off one of the valves. If the tap is still running, that means that the problem is with the other handle. Both valves are shut off then, and both handles are turned on to let the residue water out. After that, the plumber takes the handle apart and replaces the damaged part with a fitting new one.

The ceramic disc faucet will need a cylinder replacement. The compression or reverse-compression types of faucets usually require the O-ring and washer to be changed, while cartridge faucets, obviously, entail a cartridge replacement. During these procedures, the aerator is also checked to see whether it needs to be repaired or substituted. When it comes to single-handle faucets, the process is quite similar, although it has its own nuances that only a professional plumber can handle.

It is absolutely not recommended to go DIY and repair the faucet yourself, as you can cause more harm than good to your fixtures. Our local professional plumbers will inspect your faucet thoroughly to localize the problem, and fix everything in no time, using the most modern tools and technologies. Call us now!

How to repair a Delta or a Moen faucet?

Whatever the brand of the faucet may be – Delta, Moen, or any other, it is always important to look at the user manual before trying to dismantle and repair it. Due to possible variations in the fixture’s construction (depending on both the model and the producer), you may overlook some crucial details when fixing a faucet of a specific brand, if you do not pay attention to its specificities.

After dismantling your faucet, if you are not sure whether everything is alright and can be put back together, you can take all the parts to the brand store, which your fixture is from, to consult with a specialist. This is a very time- and effort-consuming process.

Superior Plumbing will assist you in avoiding all that trouble! Our licensed plumbers in Oshawa are experienced in working with all brands, including: Peerless; CAE; Sterling; Waltec; Franke; Pfister; Kohler; Pegasus; Nibco; Danze; American Standard etc.

We consider the smallest details when fixing any type of faucets so that our clients do not have to worry about the quality of the job done! Our professionals deal with any kind of materials like brass, copper, stainless steel, bronze and polymer carbon. Save yourself from the dirty work and trust Superior Plumbing! Contact us today to find out more about the offer.

How much does it cost to fix a faucet?

The price of faucet repair services may fluctuate due to numerous factors like the fixture model or the scope of the breakage. However, to bring some stability, we have established a fixed service call cost of 99$. This figure is always unchangeable and is included in the overall bill! Superior Plumbing wants to help our customers save money while getting the most quality service possible. This is why we have developed an extensive system of discounts and special offers that you can check out on our website!