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Need a plumber in Kitchener?

For several years now, we have been solving the plumbing difficulties of our clients all over Canada. After all, plumbing is perhaps something you cannot live everyday life without in a modern house or apartment. If you’re wondering where to find quality services in Kitchener, we know the answer. Superior Plumbing & Heating!

It is not a big deal what the scale of your trouble is. We are a well-trained and well-equipped team who are completely aware of how to push back the malfunction. We also provide maintenance and installations in Kitchener. If you are interested in our services, leave a request on this site or call our local plumber in your neighbourhood.

our areas of expertise
plumber Kitchener

Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Kitchener


Any kind of shower problems – from backup to shower head replacement – will be eliminated in a blink.
plumber Kitchener


Prompt toilet problems fixing by licensed professionals. Whether it’s a severe backup or a small leak – we’ll get things done right in a moment.
plumber Kitchener


Bathtub Installation and repair service with fair pricing and complete warranty. We’ll make sure your bathtub is maintained properly.
plumber Kitchener

Kitchen Sink & Faucet

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Kitchener

Shut-Off Value

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Kitchener

Water Pipe

We provide full-scale service for your water pipes – cleaning, unclogging, patching, replacing, etc.
plumber Kitchener


Boiler repair, installation, and maintenance by experienced, licensed and equipped plumbers in your neighbourhood.
plumber Kitchener

Water heater

Our expert hot water plumbers will safeguard your hot water supply and guarantee you will never run out of it.
plumber Kitchener

Main Water Service

Expert main water line service to make sure your water supply is always safe and sound.
plumber Kitchener

Main Shut-Off Valve

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Kitchener

Sump pump

Proper sump pump picking, delivering, installing and maintenance is our area of expertise.
plumber Kitchener

Leak repair

Leaking water pipes and drains can be a harsh menace. We detect unobvious leaks with special cameras and fix them in no time using the latest equipment.
plumber Kitchener
plumber Kitchener

Septic system

For rural area households, a septic system is worth in weight of gold. We service these complicated systems of any kind with proper knowledge and expertise.

Superior Plumbing in Kitchener & our areas of expertise

Emergency plumbing

Plumbing is a vital communication, the non-working state that causes a storm of negative emotions and destroys our schedule. That is why our same-day plumber in Kitchener is always on guard for your comfort. He is waiting for your request!

Commercial Services

If only a certain number of people use the plumbing in a private house, it is impossible to count how many in institutions. To ensure the profitability of your establishment, you should fix the breakdown as soon as possible. In this matter, you can safely trust our plumbing services in Kitchener. Our plumbing guys will do everything possible so that the guests of your establishment do not even notice that something has gone wrong.

Plumbing installations

New dwelling. Oh, it’s a pleasant feeling when you start everything from scratch, leaving everything old behind! When building a new house or setting up an apartment, it is essential to do everything efficiently. And who can do this if not specially trained people? We can perform plumbing installations of any complexity right here in our cozy Kitchener.

Drain and sewer fixing

Probably there are no people in our country who have not encountered blockages in the sewer line. Unfortunately, we do not always adhere to the rules for the operation of plumbing equipment. If you are experiencing a severe blockage in your sewerage system or leaking pipes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our local plumbers right now.

Heating and hot water appliance works

Who else but Canadians know what severe frosts are? Fortunately, in our time, it is not difficult to keep warm. The main thing is that everything should work correctly. If you are interested in fixing or installing a boiler or water heater, please contact us. We will do our best so that you can continue to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home.

Water purification systems installation and maintenance

Many have already become the happy owners of special water filters and various other water purification systems in Canada. If you are still wondering whether to buy this device, we confidently answer you what it is. This thing will help you forget about ordering bottled water and give you a clean tap one. Our local plumbers in Kitchener will be happy to assist you with the installation.

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Great advantages of cooperation with Superior Plumbing

Appropriate price list

We understand how important the economic aspect is in service, so we try not to overcharge. We have no call-out fee. We regard this outdated payment as an absolute rudiment in the service business of the 21st century. Superior Plumbing and Heating charges a fee only for the plumbing inspection and directly for repair procedures.

Time waits for no one

The founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, once said: Time is money. And indeed it is. The more we put off doing the job on the back burner, the more we end up paying. This law also works with plumbing. Therefore, do not postpone the repair. We, in turn, are fully prepared to provide you with a reliable extended service. Our same-day plumber at Kitchener knows all the ins and outs of plumbing. Feel free to contact us right now!

Maintenance Benefits

It’s always best to prevent problems ahead of time. But how exactly can people know when trouble will catch them off guard? While it is challenging to foresee what to expect next in politics or economics, scheduled equipment inspections and other maintenance benefits help reach all those valuable pieces of knowledge in our plumbing without any prophecies and other magic tricks!

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What people are saying about our plumbing services in Kitchener?

Good service

I advice anyone who wants to save time and get good service. The technician arrives on time and with a large set of tools. He did his job consulting on related plumbing issues. Installed the boiler, did it neatly, well and in a reasonable time. Therefore, I recommend superior plumbing and heating as the best!!

Date: 21-07-2022

Trent Wolfe

Very pleasant staff and superior fixing!

Date: 18-12-2021

Great company

I will contact you again! Great company-everything is really mobile and professional. If you are looking for a service that can be trusted, google the site of Superior Plumbing and Heating – you will make sure that they are thee best in their niche.

Date: 02-08-2022

Daniel Peters

I have apartments in an old Kitchener house and pipes there were terrible. they always leaked and broke. together with neighbours we ordered superior plumbing and heating to replace tubes in the whole house. they did it within a week and even gave a discount.

Date: 22-12-2021

i'm satisfied

This is not the first time i’ve turned to Superior Plumbing and Heating for help and i’m satisfied . I needed to repair the goodman furnace and install the faucat. John coped with this task perfectly. His work impressed me: very quickly and most importantly – qualitatively. I can recommend the company and will continue to cooperate with it .

Date: 29-07-2022

Kacey Roberts

I tried to clean sink tubes but failed and broke them ( I called superior plumbing and heating and Sam replaced them very neatly and gave a discount for the first order. that’s how custom care looks like

Date: 17-12-2021

completed fast and on schedule

In our new home, we needed to purchase a water heater. Because we had always used the services of Superior Plumbing and Heating, we chose to purchase a water heater from them, which we were informed was a Rheem device. The task was completed fast and on schedule, as promised.The heater performs well after two weeks of usage.

Date: 06-08-2022

Declan Burton

Highly recommend this service to others!

Date: 14-12-2021

Quickly Service!

The reverse osmosis falter was installed quickly and professionally by the plumber. All of the manufacturer’s recommendations were followed, including flushing, replacing cassettes and fleshing again. Thank you Superior Plumbing and Heating for the fast and professional approach!

Date: 08-08-2022

Leah Morris

Pipes under my bath sink were thin and was always clogged. Harry from superior plumbing and heating inspected all tubes and suggested replacing them with thicker ones. He replaced several tubes and now sink drains well. thanx

Date: 20-12-2021

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For several years now, our company has been multiplying. We used to have a small office in a provincial city and a small staff. Now we have a whole network throughout the country. And this is just the beginning!

We employ only certified specialists trained in special technical educational institutions. Our executives are carefully recruiting to ensure the best possible performance across Canada. Call our local plumber in Kitchener and observe it for yourself!

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