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Reviews for Superior Plumbing & Heating

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What People Are Saying About Superior Plumbing and Heating

Recent feedback from our customers

Wonderful company

We had a thermostat and underfloor heating sensor malfunction. The tech John from The Superior plumbing and Heating checked that all cables are connected correctly and that the regulator was working correctly and found the problem and promptly fixed it. Now our in-floor heating works again.

Anthony Scott

That is our country’s finest of the best!

Great company

I will contact you again! Great company-everything is really mobile and professional. If you are looking for a service that can be trusted, google the site of Superior Plumbing and Heating – you will make sure that they are thee best in their niche.

Aaron Wilson

We’ve rented a Navien NCB boiler and have only had good experiences with it! Using Superior Plumbing and Heating in Toronto is a great idea!


Excellent, up-to-date, and courteous service. Their plumber impressed us with his level of competence and desire to do his best and help us. He explained the situation and what he planned to do about it, and did his job flawlessly. Moreover, we received a good discount. Superior Plumbing and Heating – you can be trusted!

Rosie Elliott

Superior Plumbing and Heating always cleans sewage lines professionally on a regular basis, and we trust them!

Quickly Service!

The reverse osmosis falter was installed quickly and professionally by the plumber. All of the manufacturer’s recommendations were followed, including flushing, replacing cassettes and fleshing again. Thank you Superior Plumbing and Heating for the fast and professional approach!

Maria Oberbrunner

Everything was completed quickly and expertly by the plumber! Superior Plumbing and Heating has an excellent crew! Thanks on a job well done!


I am grateful to the heating and plumbing company for detailed and free consultation according to the gas line. After the request, the certified specialists professionally install a gas line. Thanks to the company we can evaluate the benefits of having a gas supply in our home as soon as possible.

Heather Caswell

Exceptional service!

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