Superior Plumbing offers business entities floor drain installation services. Our certified plumbers will make sure the installation process is carried out swiftly and professionally with no delays. Superior Plumbing is your ideal commercial contractor, as we are always just around the corner and are ready to help at all times. Contact us today to receive a trust-worthy plumbing partner!

Are floor drains required by code?

Generally, it is required to have at least one approved floor drain per three water closets. These floor drains need to be connected to the general sanitary system of the building. Serving as a drain in case of fixture overflows or regular cleaning, floor drains are an essential part of public restrooms. Our qualified plumbers perform installations in a blink of an eye for your business to operate properly.

How do you rough a floor drain?

Superior Plumbing professional licensed plumbers have a vast experience in roughing in floor drains. To do this, they need a pipe, a street elbow and the drain itself. When setting the complete structure down it is important to keep a slight tilt of the pipe, so that the waste water would run smoothly and without retaining. Installing a floor drain yourself may lead to unfortunate consequences that may hamper your business. Entrusting this task to Superior Plumbing will guarantee you prompt and quality results. Call us now!

Does a floor drain need a trap?

A trap (a special U shaped pipe) is required for all plumbing fixtures, including floor drains. It is used to prevent sewer gases and foul odours from releasing into the building. However, for this trap to function properly, it needs to be regularly filled with water. The so-called liquid seal is what stops the emission of sewer gas. Superior Plumbing provides excellent commercial installation services for public restrooms, taking into account every smallest detail, like the necessary trap. Contact us around the clock for more information!

How do you install a floor drain in a concrete slab?

It is better to think about installing a floor drain before pouring the cement. This would make the installation process much easier. However, if this is not the case, the cement will need to be broken through to make the place for a new floor drain. By doing it on your own, you may hit the main sewer line and cause a lot of trouble to the piping system. Superior Plumbing provides efficient installation services that will take minimum time to complete. When cooperating with Superior Plumbing, you do not have to worry about plumbing works being in the way of your entity running. Contact us now!