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How to install a commercial toilet?

There is a wide variety of toilet types depending mostly on the flushing system and the position of the tank. Tankless toilets are the ones majorly used in commercial settings. Although they have a simplistic look to them and are highly efficient, the work system of these fixtures is complex, which makes the installation process tedious.

As suggested in the name, tankless toilets have no tank. The flush water is pumped directly from the main water supply. Thus, it requires a lot more work in inspecting the sewer system (whether it is fit for commercial toilets and is not prone to damage), as well as installing a special flush tube in the wall.

Superior Plumbing qualified experts carry out commercial toilet installations quickly and in accordance with all the necessary guidelines. Call us now!

How to install a commercial wall hung toilet?

Installing a commercial wall-hung toilet is not a DIY project and requires a professional approach. A plumber needs to follow a series of steps to complete this task. First off all, waste pipes, flush kits and cisterns are installed. Then comes the installation of a steel frame and bowl support, upon which depends the stability of the future toilet. After that, the toilet pan is lined up, taking into account the space needed for each cubicle. Finally, the flush system and the toilet itself are installed. To make sure that all of these steps are followed correctly, contact Superior Plumbing to get the service done by our qualified plumbers!

Are wall-hung toilets problematic?

Generally, wall-hung toilets are more difficult to fix, as the flush system is situated in the wall. To make the access to it easier, some cubicles come with a special door that allows workers to get to the flush pipes. However, when it comes to cleaning, wall-hung toilets are considered to be more sanitary, as there is less surface in need of cleaning.

Do wall-mounted toilets have a weight limit?

The maximum weight that can be put upon a wall-hung toilet depends on multiple factors such as the strength of the wall, the quality of the frame and the capacity of the bowl support system. Usually, wall-hung toilets are designed to withstand a minimum of 500 pounds. To make sure that the public toilet at your entity will be durable, contact Superior Plumbing now!