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Need a plumber in Toronto?

Superior Plumbing & Heating strives to provide the highest possible quality service amongst plumbing companies in Toronto.

We are local plumbers for 20+ years in your neighbourhood, always available and eager to resolve any plumbing troubles of yours, from urgent 24/7 plumbing repairs in Toronto area to complicated installations and replacements.

our areas of expertise
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Bathroom Sink & Faucet

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
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Any kind of shower problems – from backup to shower head replacement – will be eliminated in a blink.
plumber Toronto


Prompt toilet problems fixing by licensed professionals. Whether it’s a severe backup or a small leak – we’ll get things done right in a moment.
plumber Toronto


Bathtub Installation and repair service with fair pricing and complete warranty. We’ll make sure your bathtub is maintained properly.
plumber Toronto

Kitchen Sink & Faucet

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Toronto

Shut-Off Value

Working conditions of your shut-off valves are key to the flood protection of your dwelling. We will ensure your home is safe.
plumber Toronto

Water Pipe

We provide full-scale service for your water pipes – cleaning, unclogging, patching, replacing, etc.
plumber Toronto


Boiler repair, installation, and maintenance by experienced, licensed and equipped plumbers in your neighbourhood.
plumber Toronto

Water heater

Our expert hot water plumbers will safeguard your hot water supply and guarantee you will never run out of it.
plumber Toronto

Main Water Service

Expert main water line service to make sure your water supply is always safe and sound.
plumber Toronto

Main Shut-Off Valve

The main shut-off valve is a first frontier in resisting floods and rainwater overflows. We will strengthen your positions in that battle.
plumber Toronto

Sump pump

Proper sump pump picking, delivering, installing and maintenance is our area of expertise.
plumber Toronto

Leak repair

Leaking water pipes and drains can be a harsh menace. We detect unobvious leaks with special cameras and fix them in no time using the latest equipment.
plumber Toronto
plumber Toronto

Septic system

For rural area households, a septic system is worth in weight of gold. We service these complicated systems of any kind with proper knowledge and expertise.

Superior Plumbing in Toronto: our areas of expertise

Emergency plumbing

The plumbing system failures often have to be fixed urgently. Otherwise, significant damage and disastrous consequences would be unavoidable. That’s why our Toronto 24 hour plumbing experts act like an ambulance from the very first second from your request for aid. Don’t hesitate to call us at night – we acknowledge that stuff like a backed-up overflowing toilet just can’t wait until morning.

Plumbing repairs

Your bathtub, faucets, showers, and sinks may not cause significant property damage when defective. But it surely will be a headache, repeatedly reminding you of itself. We perform plumbing installation in Toronto promptly and mostly turnkey.

Plumbing installations

Whether you build a new house or reconstruct an existing one – you’ll face the need for plumbing fixtures installations, as no one is willing to bring an old toilet to a whole new dwelling. So why don’t you delegate it to the pros on a turnkey basis? We have a catalog of fixtures to choose from. Together we can pick the most suitable items up and install them in one go. And yes, you’ll get a significant discount in that case – that goes without saying.

Drain and sewer fixing

Your drain pipes require regular cleaning, no matter how old they are and what they are made of. Drain and sewer pipes deal with biowaste products daily, so that’s no surprise they get clogged from time to time. Our plumber in Toronto downtown handles these harsh incidents in no time. Drain clogs can be snaked out of hydro- jetted in minutes and without further damage to your property.

Heating and hot water appliance works

“Plumbing service near me” types of companies often narrow down to emergency jobs and repairs only. But we are a multiskilled team and go beyond that. Our services include boilers and water heaters installation, repair, and replacements. If you are willing to change your appliance with a more energy-efficient item, we will give you a hand.

Commercial plumbing

Commercial plumbing companies in Toronto are worth in weight of gold when it comes to shutting down your hospitality business due to plumbing disasters. Imagine a tightly clogged sewer in a restaurant, and it comes clear – its owner won’t wait for days to have it fixed. We can be your trusted and reliable commercial plumbing contractors in Toronto. With us, you may be sure that problem will be resolved in no time as we are always available just around the corner in your neighbourhood.

Water purification systems installation and maintenance

If you look after your health, you already know that the quality of water you consume influences your condition significantly. Drinking water systems (reverse osmosis) is a very useful appliance in that context. You don’t have to buy bottled water anymore, as it flows free from your additional faucet in the kitchen – this is as simple as it gets. The filtration system is being mounted under the sink, and all you have to care about is regular filter replacement several times a year.

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NO matter what exactly you need to fix, entrusting this to our 24 hour plumber is a win-win decision.

You win time.

When disaster comes across – every second counts. And you can count on us to cover your back. Call us or hit an emergency button above – our support team will call you back in a moment and find out the details. The emergency plumber will be at your door within a couple of hours max, already prepared and equipped to complete the job. Whether it is day or night, workday or weekend – our same day plumber in Toronto rushes to your place at the same quick pace!

You save money.

Our service call fee is $99 fix. And we include it in the price of repairs you order. Considering exact issues – we have an exceptionally affordable pricing range, acceptable for any householder. We don’t charge you a call-out fee either. Modern equipment on a closer look also saves your cash, as simple hydro-jetting a clogged sewer is now faster and cheaper than dismantling half of the plumbing system as it was years before.

You save nerves.

From among the variety of plumbing services in Toronto, we have undisputed merit to outstand with – our soft skills. Both plumbing and support teams are exceptionally customer-oriented, complaisant, and well-mannered. We speak plain English, always explain what we should do and why you need it, explain the preferable solution to your personal plumbing case and never dispute.

Why should you hire our plumbers in Toronto?

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What people are saying about our plumbing company in Toronto?

Good service

I advice anyone who wants to save time and get good service. The technician arrives on time and with a large set of tools. He did his job consulting on related plumbing issues. Installed the boiler, did it neatly, well and in a reasonable time. Therefore, I recommend superior plumbing and heating as the best!!

Date: 21-07-2022

Brian Rooney

It was great to have two Weil McLain boilers serviced and the problem repaired.

Date: 16-12-2021

Great service.

Superior Plumbing and Heating completed the job as expected – tidy, high-quality, and considerate-everything was pre-measured, and the plumber double-checked that the position was exact and that no concealed utilities would be harmed.

Date: 03-08-2022

Luca Goodwin

A thousand points for you!

Date: 14-12-2021


Excellent, up-to-date, and courteous service. Their plumber impressed us with his level of competence and desire to do his best and help us. He explained the situation and what he planned to do about it, and did his job flawlessly. Moreover, we received a good discount. Superior Plumbing and Heating – you can be trusted!

Date: 01-08-2022

Maria Oberbrunner

Everything was completed quickly and expertly by the plumber! Superior Plumbing and Heating has an excellent crew! Thanks on a job well done!

Date: 15-12-2021

Quickly Service!

The reverse osmosis falter was installed quickly and professionally by the plumber. All of the manufacturer’s recommendations were followed, including flushing, replacing cassettes and fleshing again. Thank you Superior Plumbing and Heating for the fast and professional approach!

Date: 08-08-2022

Frank Adams

A professional team

Date: 17-12-2021

Wonderful company

We had a thermostat and underfloor heating sensor malfunction. The tech John from The Superior plumbing and Heating checked that all cables are connected correctly and that the regulator was working correctly and found the problem and promptly fixed it. Now our in-floor heating works again.

Date: 20-07-2022

Heather Caswell

Exceptional service!

Date: 21-12-2021

Call a Plumber Toronto Homeowners Trust!

Superior Plumbing & Heating aims at becoming a trustworthy, devoted, and all-time plumbing contractor for every modern household across Toronto.

We provide a complete warranty for any our service, as we treasure our reputation and let it speak for ourselves. As a result, we have over 1700 satisfied and happy long-term customers, loyal to our service.

Our team is constantly growing, and each member is a well-trained professional in the plumbing field, whether it is a working plumber or a phone support officer.

As we mentioned above, we try hard to save your money and reduce your household maintenance costs. That’s why we have regular promotions and special offers for different services. Feel free to check it up!

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