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Normally functioning sink drains from 0,2 to 0,3 liters of water per second, depending on the tap hole diameter. That means that if your sink and drain are perfectly clean, there is no risk of overflow, as no type of faucet can pour enough water to overload the sink’s draining ability.

And so that also means that if the water in your sink is retaining and its level is constantly rising while the water is running from the faucet – something is definitely wrong.

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Why is the sink draining water slowly?

There are several occasions that can trigger a sink overflow commonly:

  • Clogged or blocked sink drain. Probably the most frequent cause of sink draining problems. The point is that your under-sink pipe is a weak point of the whole system. Usually, it just can’t withstand the impact of everyday food particles and grease essences, making its way through this tight enough and flexuose pipe. As a result – the sticky mixture obstructs the water flow, making you deal with slow draining water and overflowing sink. It’s easy to detect the issue – if nothing blocks the tap hole and other sinks in the house are functioning normally – the problem lies within the sink drain.
  • Sink mesh sticking. Most sinks nowadays are equipped with metal meshes, protecting the tap hole from foreign matter intrusion. With time this mesh can be gummed up with grease and thus become a blockage cause.
  • Sewer blockages and clogs. That’s the most severe cause of problems among possible. Sewer blockages have the same mechanism of emersion as sink drain blockages. The problem is complexified by the fact these blockages usually happen deep down the pipe and can’t be detected without special technological equipment – drain cameras. Sewer blockages rarely cause a single sink overflow – typically, you will face sinks, toilets, and bathtubs overflowing at the same time.

How to fix a slow draining sink?

To tell the truth – the only issue with slow sink drainage that can be fixed without professional assistance is the dismountable mesh greasing. You can use your common household degreasers or even dish soap to clean up the mesh. In older and cheaper sinks, the mesh is stationary and attached to the sink drain with a screw. It is unrecommended to unscrew it because the trap will fall off.

Clogs and blockages are definitely not relevant issues to deal with by your own effort. Most attempts to unclog the item using a piece of wire or a thin hose result in trap damages. After that, of course, your sink will drain the water freely. But on your floor.

So, in case of slow water draining, calling out the professionals makes sense. Superior Plumbing & Heating local service is able to repair your sink the same day. Feel free to contact us today in case of any plumbing system issues!