Superior Plumbing provides 24 hour toilet repair services in North York. Our local licensed plumbers are able to deal with any toilet problems in your house. We guarantee a quality and timely repair service whenever.

Why is my toilet broken?

A usual toilet will consist of a tank ball – a special flapper that opens the flush valve; a flush valve, through which the water flows to push the waste from the bowl into the drain; a fill valve, that fills the tank with water after the toilet has been flushed, and a special float mechanism that blocks the fill valve once the tank is full.

There are multiple problems that constitute a broken toilet, including:

  • Runny toilet
  • Leaks
  • Improper flushing
  • Slow filling
  • Noise
  • Broken toilet handle

All of these issues have their own reasons, which need to be identified and inspected by a professional plumber. Usually, most breakdowns happen because of clogging or improper valves functioning. However, depending on the type of the toilet (two-piece, one-piece, American standard, dual flush, back-to-wall, etc.), the aforementioned problems require different wc repair techniques. Call Superior Plumbing right now to receive the right service for you.

Can I fix an old toilet?

It all depends on the extent of the damage and its location. If the breakage is something to do with the fill or flush valve, then these parts can be easily replaced. However, some of the signs that you need a new toilet are cracks, unstable position, frequent cloggings (more than once a week), constant leaks, etc. When you notice the following issues, or others, that are not included in the list, contact Superior Plumbing immediately. The local plumbers will conduct a thorough inspection of your fixture and help you to choose and install a perfect replacement. Superior Plumbing offers our clients a wide choice of toilets from all the famous brands like Kohler, Caroma, Champion, Mansfield, TOTO, Glacier Bay and many others.

Are toilet tank kits universal?

While most modern toilet repair kits are stated to fit any model, it is worth checking them with a professional plumber. Do not try to fix your toilet yourself, as it may lead to unpredictable and unfavourable consequences. Entrust this delicate process to a qualified worker at Superior Plumbing to avoid additional expenses and further damage.

How much does it cost to repair or replace a toilet?

The price of repairing or replacement varies according to the extent of the damage and the complexity of the work. The final price will be estimated by the plumber, judging from the scope of the problem. However, our service call price remains fixed – 99$, and is included in the overall bill. Contact Superior Plumbing for more details now!