Complex plumbing camera inspections

Superior Plumbing & Heating local licensed experts use the latest camera equipment to inspect every inch of your plumbing system. It is a highly recommended regular service for any household, as it helps to foresee and prevent major plumbings troubles.

We provide various trouble-detecting services such as:

  • Pipe Camera Inspection
  • Drain Camera Inspection
  • Sewer Scope Inspection
  • General Plumbing Camera Inspection

In most cases, once plumbers have discovered where the problem lies, they will be able to resolve the issue without digging up your yard or tearing up your floor. In cases of root intrusion or blockages, scouring out the pipes with hydro-jetting (pressurized water) will eliminate the problem, all from the inside of the pipe.

During our Home Inspections, we check your:

  • Fixtures
  • Supply Lines
  • Drains
  • Interior and Exterior Exposed Pipes
  • Toilets, Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers
  • Hot Water Tanks
  • Water Shut Off Valve
  • Sump Pumps and Basement Drainage Systems
  • Water Filtration and Venting Systems

Water leak camera inspection in St. Catharines

You don’t need to be an expert to detect a leak from a faucet, toilet, or exposed pipe under the sink. We all have been facing basic plumbing leaks at some point. Unfortunately, taps and other fixtures aren’t the only sources of possible sophisticated plumbing leak problems, requiring specialized equipment and a certified plumber.

Advanced cameras help our plumbers diagnose the issue inside your pipes and spot the hidden leaks right away. Our main goal is to detect leaky pipes without cutting through the walls or disturbing the foundation as much as it is possible. As we strive to avoid any damage to your property and to cut your costs for water consumption.

Main sewer line camera inspection

Here at Superior Plumbing & Heating, we use state-of-the-art sewer checking video technology that enables us to diagnose your home sewer problems quickly and efficiently.

We will send a specialized camera down the nearest cleanout, all the while enabling you to keep an eye on what’s exactly happening in your drain in real-time visuals.

When we have performed sewer pipes inspection and visually established the cause of the blockage, we use a special locator above the ground to determine its location to devise a repair strategy.

If your plumbing system hasn’t been inspected properly within the last few months, we strongly advise you to order a camera inspection and ensure that your plumbing system is safe. Call us now to schedule an appointment with the nearest available plumbing expert.