If you are seeking a plumbing service for drain repair in St. Catharines, Superior Plumbing is just for you. Our local licensed plumbers are always ready to assist you in repairing your drain system, whatever the issue might be. We operate on a same-day basis, which means that the service is performed as soon as possible after your initial order. Call Superior Plumbing now and get your drain system fixed timely and with due quality.

Do plumbers fix drains?

When it comes to drain repair, most plumbing companies offer a very limited number of services. However, Superior Plumbing has a wide range of experience in this matter. Our local certified plumbers in St. Catharines can tackle any kind of drain or sewer breakage with guaranteed speed and quality. We operate on a same-day basis, which means that the service is performed as soon as possible after your initial order.

What are the signs of a broken drain pipe?

There are a number of factors by which you can recognize if your drain pipe or sewer line is broken. Some of them include:

  • Frequent backups and blockages
  • A foul smell
  • Mouldy or damp walls, floors and ceilings
  • Slow drain
  • Cracks in your house
  • Indentations in your lawn near the pipes
  • Soil erosion and subsidence
  • Septic water overflows

If you notice any of these signs in your home – call Superior Plumbing immediately to prevent further damage!

Minor annoyances or severe disasters

We can handle nearly anything in one go, guaranteeing you that the solution will be affordable and long-lasting.
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How do I know if my main drain is leaking?

Besides all the mishaps mentioned above, an unreasonably high water bill, rodents, and unusually lush and green grass patches in your garden are a signal that something may be wrong with your main drain. Neglecting such an issue can lead to destructive consequences and a higher service cost. Upon noting these signs, do not hesitate to call Superior Plumbing for help!

Can you patch a drain pipe?

Patching a hole in a drain pipe is only effective when the damage is relatively small. In other, more severe cases, a pipe replacement would be more appropriate. Superior Plumbing experts are proficient in both cases and will efficiently conduct an inspection to estimate the extent of the problem, as well as repair it in a suitable way.

How to fix a collapsed drain?

A collapsed drain is a serious issue that may lead to significant damage to your house. It is both wiser and cheaper to trust the repair process to an experienced professional rather than trying to do anything about it on your own. Our plumbers will use a CCTV camera to localize the problem area and replace or repair, where possible, the drain pipe promptly. Contact Superior Plumbing to get more details about this service and book one for yourself!

How to fix a broken underground drain pipe?

Superior Plumbing conducts underground drain pipe repairs using a trenchless method. Local certified plumbers employ a special camera to inspect the damage and fix it without having to turn half of your yard upside down. Minimal digging required ensures the speed and quality of the service. Otherwise completed in several days, underground pipe repair or replacement will be finished in no time. Do not waste a second and call us right now!

How much does it cost to fix a sewer drain?

Superior Plumbing offers relatively cheap services, affordable for anyone. On top of this, we have a wide system of discounts and special offers that you can check out on the website! With service calls for only 99$ and the call-out option being completely free of charge, the company makes sure our clients save their money while receiving professional service.

Care about your time. When you cannot afford to wait for plumbing service, our team is just around the corner! Our same-day service suggests that all your orders are fulfilled on the same day after your initial request. Time is a precious resource that cannot be made up for. Superior Plumbing makes sure our customers do not waste a moment of it.