Have you had enough of endless searches for a new water heater? If yes, then Superior Plumbing has the solution for you! We work with multiple brands that produce all kinds of water heaters. We can deliver a new water heater to your place, complete the installation promptly and have your old unit disposed of – all in the same day.

There are many options of available new water heaters to choose from. That’s why we strongly recommend ordering a professional plumbing system inspection before purchasing the item. Our plumbers are available nearby to perform it.

If you are out of budget, ask about our promotions today. So you can buy and install a water heater using one service with no need to search for different contractors.

What water heater to buy in Toronto?

At Superior Plumbing, we understand how difficult it may be to find a proper unit and service provider, so we try hard to satisfy all the client’s needs. Finding a WH that suits your house best is a complicated task. Let’s consider the available options, their pros, and cons.

A tankless water heater is preferable nowadays – this kind of unit is more efficient, modern, and cost-cutting. It will serve you well in such cases:

  • You want to save money in a long perspective. A tankless water heater may cost somewhat more than older hot water tanks, but it will become much more economically advantageous with years due to energy waste cutting.
  • You don’t use hot water frequently throughout the day. Tankless heaters produce hot water on demand – just right when you are turning the faucet. That means you have no power waste while the heater sands idle.
  • You want to reduce basement flooding risks. Tank models are known for suddenly emerging leaks and may cause damage costing you pots of money. Tankless ones are free of such common risks.

Hot water tanks also have a few advantages:

  • Lower prices. As this appliance is cheaper, such a choice can save your money here and now.
  • Constant hot water supply. The tank is filled with heated water permanently.

Water heater replacement and installation in Toronto

Essentially, purchasing from the right company secures you against overpaying for a repair or buying a new water heater more often than you have to. If you have already bought a suitable appliance and are now looking for a contractor to finish the installation job – schedule the visit now, and we will get things done quickly in a preferable time.

Our professional will inspect your home to take necessary measurements and provide an accurate quote for the replacement. We are replacing water tanks regularly, and we ensure that our customers are satisfied and have hot water in their homes permanently.

We provide services for any water heaters, no matter what exact brand you have chosen and what kind of plumbing system you have in your dwelling. Our team of plumbers will help you at an affordable price!

Water heater repair service – licensed and local

Warning! A water heater is a complicated unit, and we strongly discourage you from any attempts to interfere it’s construction. If you face any malfunctions, especially hot water tank leaking – call out for professional help. This problem may cause disastrous consequences to your property and your health!

If your unit broke down suddenly and you are looking for a repair company in a hurry – we have good news. Contact us, order a service call, and our professional team of plumbers will fix the malfunctioning unit in no time.