Water heaters are essential to every home, and their breakdowns cause so much inconvenience. Our experts at Superior Plumbing & Heating specialize in tankless water heater repair in the city of St. Catharines of any difficulty. Our pros will do everything necessary to help restore the device to working order. For this, we perform diagnostics of the breakdown and determine the list of necessary spare parts. The advantages of contacting our company are the high quality of repairs, the availability of experienced specialists of relevant qualifications, and modern equipment.

Since 2005, our company pros have been providing fixings and household assistance in St. Catharines. We give an official warranty for the work performed. Call Superior Plumbing & Heating, and our professionals will quickly restore the functionality of your device.

How much does it cost to maintain a tankless water heater in St. Catharines?

The price of the device maintenance depends on the chosen method. There are two of them: chemical and mechanical. In the first case, the specialist uses a special compound that allows them to avoid dismantling the heater. The second method involves the removal of the main part and the entire disassembly of each unit, including the heating part and the tank.

But when it comes to the price of tankless water heater repair in the city of St. Catharines, this is not always possible to define the exact scope of work beforehand, so the service usually announces the starting price. Our specialists will do their best to provide you with excellent service. Moreover, we have a discount system for regular customers. Contact our company to find information about all current discounts and offers.

How often should tankless water heaters be serviced?

For the extended and trouble-free operation of the device, it is important to follow its operation and maintenance rules. Otherwise, breakdowns are inevitable. The fact that there are problems in the operation of the device may be indicated by some changes in the mode of its operation:

  • increasing the time for heating water to a predetermined temperature;
  • unusual sounds during the operation of the tankless water heater;
  • the appearance of foreign contaminants in tap water, a change in colour, smell, or taste.

Maintenance is essential and should be done at least once a year. When it comes to tankless hot water heater repair, it is recommended to turn to specialists to ensure the flawless operation of your device. It is crucial to check all electrical and gas components to ensure safe and long-lasting operation.

What are the most common problems with tankless water heaters?

Despite the relative simplicity of design, repair of this type of appliance may be required in several common cases:

  • Failure of heating elements. In most cases, the repair involves replacing the heating element, then the device is checked for proper operation.
  • Problems with the device’s wiring. An experienced specialist from our tankless water heater repair service located in St. Catharines will quickly determine the actual cause and carry out work to eliminate defects.
  • One of the most difficult breakdowns is leaks due to corrosion processes. In some cases, it is possible to fuse the tank, but most often, a replacement of the heater is required.
  • In some cases, weak water heating or its absence is due to the sensor’s failure, which incorrectly displays the temperature of the liquid inside the tank.

Repairing may not be so difficult when it comes to replacing some of its elements. In the event of a serious breakdown, it would be wiser to contact a tankless hot water heater repair specialist located in St. Catharines. Proper operation of the appliances and their timely maintenance will save you from many possible troubles.