Drinking Water Systems in London

At Superior Plumbing and Heating, we stick to the most elevated standards in the plumbing repair and maintenance sector. Our experts are able to fix faucets, toilets, water softeners, sewer lines, water heater installation, drain pipes, drain cleaning, sump pumps as well as provide professional water filter installation in London. Since we can offer our customers a wide range of benefits, they won’t have to go to several other places to fix the problem because we can solve all of them.

Since 2005, we have contributed to eliminating several issues affecting our clients daily. Thousands of consumers enjoyed our work by giving it great reviews on Google, HomeStars, and other platforms, thanks to us.

By employing the latest tools and working methods, we also can offer our customers the most affordable prices since we know that plumbing problems never come at a convenient time. If you need installation of drinking water systems in London, be sure to contact Superior Plumbing and Heating now, and our plumbers will arrive in no time to be of help to you.

What kind of London drinking water system maintenance services do we provide?

There are different techniques that are used by water treatment facilities all across Canada to “purify” the water and get rid of bacteria and other harmful objects. Therefore, the water available to households for drinking and bathing is of low quality, taste and odour. Apart from under sink water filter installation in London, we also perform:

  • Replacement of under sink water filters;
  • Replacement & installation of any water filters;
  • Hooking up of any drinking water system;
  • Long-term maintenance.

Poorly filtered water can end up causing deposits and minerals to build up in your plumbing pipes, which can lead to early device breakdown and malfunction. Besides, the debris in unfiltered water can block your drains and damage your pipes.

Can I drink tap water in London?

Drinking Canadian tap water is typically safe. With a population of over a million and 9% of the world’s freshwater reserves, Canadian cities are among the cleanest in the world and have access to the greatest freshwater resources. The same applies to London. But if you want to ensure your family’s and children’s safety, it’s a good idea to use a water filter. An affordable faucet water filter will reduce lead, remove bad taste and smell linked with chlorine and protect from potential contaminants which are still under-regulated, such as microplastics. They remove lead, microplastics, pesticides, chlorine and reduce nitrates and arsenic. We believe that using our water filter service in London will guarantee your family’s health.

How much does it cost to have a clean water system in London?

The actual cost of water filter sink installation in London will depend on a number of factors. The most important factor affecting the cost is the filter you select. Additionally, the price is influenced by the size of the plumbing system or house being serviced. Most drinking water systems can be purchased at your local hardware store, but since they work with your home’s plumbing, they should be installed by a professional.

At Superior Plumbing & Heating, the principles of “no hidden fees” and pricing work together. Suppose additional services are required in addition to installing a drinking water system. In this case, we perform them only with the full consent of the client. Therefore, you can always count on the final cost to include only the figures you knew about.

Get the trained professionals at Superior Plumbing and Heating to build a water treatment system you can rely on. Our professionals will provide you with installation of water filters that will result in clean, clear water right away while also saving you money over time.