Superior Plumbing offers our customers 24 hour sewer line cleaning services in Vaughan . Local certified plumbers specialize in drain cleaning and guarantee you quality results in a trice. Our same-day service ensures prompt help around the clock as soon as possible after your order. Call Superior Plumbing right now to book a sewer cleaning service!

How do you know if your sewer line is clogged?

Some unfortunate clogging consequences can be prevented if you notice one or a few signs of a blockage that are, at times, quite easy to miss. For your convenience, here is the list of the most common clogging signals.

  • Foul smell
  • Slow or no water drainage
  • Backups
  • Overflows
  • Weird gurgling sounds from your fixtures
  • One fixture backing up into another one
  • Water pooling around blocked drains

Upon noticing any of these factors, do not hesitate and call Superior Plumbing immediately! Our certified plumbers will fix your mishap using the most modern technologies to ensure the durability of the service results.

Minor annoyances or severe disasters

We can handle nearly anything in one go, guaranteeing you that the solution will be affordable and long-lasting.
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How often should a sewer line be cleaned?

To prevent clogging, it is usually advised to have your sewer pipes cleaned every 18-22 months. This, of course, may vary depending on the frequency of blockages at your house and the general condition of the pipes. Old pipes will need more frequent maintenance, in comparison to newer ones. In any case, Superior Plumbing is always delighted to provide our clients with check-ups and cleanings to make sure their pipes are in perfect condition. Contact us now!

How do you clean the main sewer line?

Superior Plumbing qualified professionals employ the uttermost updated methods for main sewer line cleaning. Judging from the extent of the blockage, either snaking or hydro-jetting is utilized to eliminate the problem. While snaking effectively removes simple clogs, hydro-jetting is targeted at solid blockages, impossible to pull out. The jam is washed away by a high-pressure stream of water aimed directly at it. This procedure allows you to clean your pipes efficiently, without any chemicals and the need to dismantle half of the sewer system. Call Superior Plumbing to leave your sewer spotless!

Can I unclog my own sewer line?

While Internet life-hacks on cleaning your drain with soda and vinegar may be partially effective for smaller blockages, it is always better to refer to professional help. Superior Plumbing certified plumbers in Vaughan will make sure the cleaning is performed on a top-notch level, employing modern equipment. No need to get your hands dirty – our local plumbers will do all the work for you! Contact us now!

What can I use to clean my sewer pipes?

It is not recommended to turn to homemade cleaning methods when it comes to drain cleaning. If you want to see long-term results, calling Superior Plumbing is the best option! We carry out sewer pipe cleaning in Vaughan with snaking and hydro-jetting to eliminate any clogs. Our local professional licensed plumbers will do everything to make the drain cleaning prompt, inexpensive and enduring. Call us at any time and get a timely cleaning service!

How much does it cost to jet a sewer line?

The price of the hydro-jetting service in Vaughan may be different, in relation to numerous factors. Nevertheless, our service call price always stays the same – only 99$ included in the overall cost. Do not miss out on our discounts! Feel free to check all the special offers on our website now!