Superior Plumbing is an expert plumbing company that performs a wide selection of plumbing services, including shower installation in Guelph. Certified plumbers are always ready to assist you in the installation of your plumbing fixtures. We provide our services on the same day of the order so that you do not have to wait for ages for the specialist to arrive!

Our workers know that sometimes there is not a second to waste. Local plumbers are available 24 hours a day and will arrive for the order as soon as possible right after your request. Call Superior Plumbing to order your shower installation service in Guelph right now!

Do plumbers install showers?

Installing a shower should not be a DIY project. By trying to do it yourself, you may not only fail to do it correctly, but also cause plumbing problems. This job is highly detailed and consists of several crucial steps. First, you need to identify your sewer system and boiler type to choose the best-fitting shower for your home. Then, the pipework is done according to the position of the shower. After that, if you have an electric shower, the appropriate cables must be laid. When it comes to shower trays, you have to make sure it is fitted securely, for no future leaks to occur.

Superior Plumbing is here at all times to help you install your new shower! Licensed plumbers are true professionals and will make sure that the installation process is carried out according to all the rules, and using only the most modern equipment.

If you are at a loss of what shower to choose, our company will present you a rich catalogue of plumbing fixtures and assist you in selecting just the right one for you. Local professional plumbers conduct rigorous inspections of the installation place in order to identify the exact characteristics your shower should have. Contact Superior Plumbing to save yourself from all the trouble of choosing a fixture, and get your plumbing works done in a snap!

How much does it cost to have a shower installed?

The cost of shower installation may vary depending on numerous factors. Nevertheless, we can guarantee you that our service call price will constantly stay at the rate of 99$! The cost is fixed and always included in the overall bill. Superior Plumbing cares about our clients, and that is why we have developed a wide array of discounts and special offers, available on our website. Call us today and get your shower installed by true professionals!