What to do with a clogged main drain in Guelph?

Superior Plumbing offers a variety of services to satisfy the needs of householders. Our services include maintenance and repair for your in-home drainage systems. Superior Plumbing experts do all their best to provide you with the most precise service possible!

Sometimes, the initial cause of clogging may hide deep down the pipe. But that doesn’t mean that massive deconstruction of the whole plumbing system is necessary. Advanced technologies allow us to remove the drain clogs easily through the pipe itself. It takes minutes and can be done same-day. There is always a solution – feel free to call us to get it!

Instead of spending hours searching for how to fix a clogged drain or clogged kitchen drain on google, you can count on our professional plumbing team to fix it in no time.

Minor annoyances or severe disasters

We can handle nearly anything in one go, guaranteeing you that the solution will be affordable and long-lasting.
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Some Unclogging tips

Using a plunger to unclog a drain may be neither successful nor easy. Your attempts to unclog the pipe by yourself may only result in pushing the clog further and deeper. And in the end, you will just make it harder for a professional plumber to get it out on the surface.

So you better call an expert to come to your aid first. Let us know, we are here to help! We use only up-to-date equipment to unclog a drain, from snaking it to professional hydro-jetting.

Most common blocked drain symptoms

The location of the clog can be determined only with a special camera inspection. But some frequently met signs can make it clear that you are dealing with a clogged drain.

  • Water is draining slowly or not draining at all. Slow water drain, usually followed by bubbling from the sink mesh, is a serious sign that pipe permeability has reduced. At that point, the clog has not formed completely, allowing some amount of water to come through. And that’s why you should lay your plunger on the shelf 鈥 cause it will only tamp the clog more solid and block the drainage at once.
  • Foul smell from the sink. The clogs are formed of food particles stuck together with grease. This kind of mixture generates an uncomparable odour you will not be able to ignore for long.
  • Drain leaks. Leaks are a separate plumbing issue, but they often come along with clogged drains. When the line is blocked, the pressure inside may grow, fastening your pipe’s wear and tear and resulting in cracks and leaks.

We provide high-quality service across Guelph to ensure you are not searching for ways to unblock or snaking a drain. We service all kinds of plumbing systems in all types of residences. Whether it’s a blocked main drain in Guelph or a backing-up septic tank, we will be glad to resolve the problem you are facing and provide valuable tips for future maintenance.