Water heaters are reliable devices that help heat water in your home or apartment. Unfortunately, regardless of type, power or lifespan, these devices may fail. Water heater installation in Mississauga can help to avoid severe issues in the future. We perform water heater maintenance in Mississauga of any complexity. We do our job quickly, efficiently, and at a low price, providing a guarantee for all work performed.

What water heater to buy in Mississauga?

It needs to be discussed before you make a purchase of a unit since it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of such devices. The main varieties of such products are devices of storage and flow types.

Accumulative water heater

Such a device has a tank in which a heating element is established. The heating element converts the electrical energy into thermal energy. To be sure that such a device does not lose heat through the walls, a layer of the thermal insulator is applied over the entire outer area of the tank. A metal shell is installed to improve the aesthetics and safety of the operation of the entire structure. On the body are placed elements of control and management of the electric boiler.


Flow-through devices differ significantly from storage devices. In such a design, there is no tank, and the fluid is heated in a small section of the pipe, in which a powerful tubular electric heater is mounted. As a result, the water has time to heat up as it goes through the device. Even though the action of water heating equipment stops almost simultaneously with a power outage, flow-through water heaters have become very widespread. The main advantages of such devices are their compact size.

Water heater installation and replacement in Mississauga

Water heater service in Mississauga is a firm guarantee of the long and smooth operation of your devices. We honour our promise to you by dispatching skilled, certified, and insured professionals to your house who will do the job correctly the first time. All of your needs may be met by our background-checked professionals, who have the necessary abilities, expertise, and tools.

When our experts arrive, they take the time to explain all of your choices before beginning any work so you can feel confident in making an informed decision. Water heater repair in Mississauga was never easier than now. We want to remind you that we provide 24 hour water heater service in Mississauga without holidays and weekends. 24 hour water heater service mississauga

Water heater repair service  —  local and licensed

Our company has been doing water heater replacement in Mississauga for many years, so we are true professionals. That means that if something goes wrong (within a certain time frame), they’ll fix it for you at a low or free cost!

Things we offer:

  • calling in a master;

  • installation of the boiler on the wall;

  • installation of water pipes;

  • connecting the device to the mains;

  • changing the heating element, the thermostat;

  • function check of the device.

Why us?

  • Low prices;

  • Masters have confirmed qualifications. Each specialist working for us is a qualified employee with huge work experience;

  • Warranty. Each job is performed strictly according to the manufacturer’s specifications, standards, and customer requirements;

  • Rapid Departure. Upon request, the masters are ready to leave almost immediately at the address. Boiler installation takes an average of two hours.

We are always delighted to assist you. Please contact our managers, and we will gladly answer all of your inquiries.