Residential plumbing is our primary specialty

Each household across the North York area unavoidably faces plumbing problems from time to time. Statistically, plumbing and heating emergencies happen much more often than others and require an instant reaction. Knowing this, we have organized our service around such values for our clients.

As opposed to commercial plumbing, residential plumbing requires an individual approach first. Even though the plumbing system in residential houses has to be settled according to the existing building standards and codes, the design of that system may vary. And sometimes, it’s important to know the specifics of a particular housing to figure out the perfect and long-lasting solution. And our expertise allows us to hit the bullseye every time!

Minor annoyances or severe disasters

We can handle nearly anything in one go, guaranteeing you that the solution will be affordable and long-lasting.
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Most common residential plumbing problems we solve

Drain and sewer issues

Whether it’s new or old, cooper or PVC, the drainage system will always be literally the thinnest and weakest spot in your household plumbing. Being a complicated enough combination of elements and connections, it withstands the severe impact of water mixed with biowaste. So that’s no surprise it collapses from time to time. Drainage should be appropriately maintained, degreased several times a year, and inspected to disclose existing or forthcoming leaks. We also recommend installing a garburator under your kitchen sink. 9 out of 10 cases show that the sink that sends unshredded food particles down the drain is a natural clog producer.

Fixtures breakages

A simple faucet can become a massive plumbing emergency when suddenly a crack in its construction turns it into a fountain. Superior Plumbing professionals have access to a wide range of fixtures that can be delivered to your place and installed promptly. No matter the case – the main things stay the same – our response speed and affordable pricing.


Toilets, bathtubs, and shower backups are a frequently met consequence of drain and sewer blockages. It can also be caused by stormwater overflow. In the case of drain clogs, the problem can easily be eliminated by snaking or hydro-jetting. In some cases, when the location of the clog is unknown, a camera inspection may be needed. And to prevent stormwater overflows, we recommend installing the sump pump combined with a backflow valve on the main sewer line.

Plumbing system design and installation

Designing a correct residential plumbing system is a tough and time-consuming challenge. It’s definitely not the job for an amateur. Only a professional master plumber is capable of constructing and arranging the plumbing – from fixtures and appliances collocation to drainage assembling.