Basement drain backing up – causes and how to handle them

Any sewage requires a significant portion of care since it is one of the main parts of our home structure. And when it comes to severe line backups and malfunctions, it is high time to figure out what to do in such a plight.

Sewer backup in basement cleanup

Sewer line backup is a tense situation that needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible without any attempts to fix & unclog everything without professional aid. Otherwise, the user increases the risk of erupting more serious malfunctions rather than diminishing their influence on the sewer line.

So, what malfunction indicators are barely not shouting that you have your drain sewer line or basement clogged?

  • It is pretty easy to smell a rat that something goes wrong with your sewage. This problem may be indicated primarily by clogged sinks, bathrooms, and other water supplies connected to the sewer line.
  • When sewer backs up into the basement, the estimated place of clogging in most cases is quite far from the pipe in your basement; of course, the problem lies somewhere on the first or second floors.
  • Many things may hide in your sewage: from different sweepings to hair, grease, and other large and small rubbish.

All these things easily can cause the clogging of your basement drain pipe.

Suppose you are reading this article and do not have any difficulties with the sewerage system. In that case, you should pay attention to the “hygiene” of your sewer: avoid getting various debris and do professional preventive cleaning of the sewerage system at least once a year. If your sewer is already clogged, read the next paragraph for solutions to the problem.

The most popular drain cleaning methods

Of course, some methods are well known to us from the previous generations: baking soda and vinegar (or salt and vinegar), a regular plunger, and a more professional option – snaking.

Baking soda and vinegar case

This method is more effective when the big clogging creates a “vacuum” in your drain. In this case, the laws of physics are on our side: a blockage can easily fly out like a cork from a bottle. This approach is only successful in this circumstance; in others, the technique is useless when the basement drain backup is less severe.


It, in turn, can even be remarkably effective when it comes to a minor blockage that happens due to the accumulation of small debris. The method can be effective even when the sewage is backing up in the basement.


It is such a long iron wire inserted into pipes and used to clean all the debris accumulated over the years. That is an excellent professional alternative with decent impact. But it would be much better if specialists would provide all the manipulations. When the specialist performs this approach, the chances of success are great. Many risks are involved when the amateur carries it: they can inadvertently harm the sewer line.

There are also more advanced sewer cleaning methods, such as hydrodynamic cleaning. It will handle exactly when your sewage is backing up in the basement.

Damaged sewer lines

Sewer pipes are pretty durable; some have been serving for many years. Nevertheless, rather serious troubles may arise over time that can only be resolved radically.

Of course, if you have a new sewage system and some breakdown in it, be it a crack or a significant pipe break, a regular trenchless repair will help you. Growing trees in your yard can cause your pipes to break because they strengthen their root system, which destroys the lines.

But if you have a sewer system installed in your house, which is already decades old, you should think about replacing it to get rid of such problems.

Anyway, if you need to replace your sewer, many professional checks should be made before reaching the final verdict because other less comprehensive ways can solve your particular issue theoretically. It would help if you had the professional consultations of our professionals, who are 100% acknowledged how to do everything well.

Basement drain repair

Repair of any pipes can be carried out in various ways. The most profitable of all is trenchless. It allows you to fix cracks and pipe breaks without making huge holes in your yard.

Sometimes more drastic but effective methods can be used to replace the pipe in your basement, which involves removing a small layer of the floor near the pipe break in your basement. In both cases, first, a thorough examination of the entire system is carried out with the CCTV cameras to find the very place where the pipe break occurred, and only then the main stages of work are carried out.

Sump pump repair

Sump pump is one of the primary key elements of your sewage if the basement is below the water table level. It protects your basement from rainwater. Suppose you are faced with an inoperative state of this unit or with flooding of the basement after heavy rain. In that case, we advise you to immediately contact our professionals as soon as possible, since every second counts. Only a carefully controlled technique provided by plumbing pros can diminish the risk of further issues.

When it comes to the sewage system or basement drain malfunctions and blockages, there is nothing to fear since contemporary technology enables repair or replacement in a matter of days and even hours. Our skilled staff would gladly assist you in escaping from such an awful plight.