How to clean sink drain with 100% efficiency?

Any residential or commercial plumbing system embraces many components, from water pipelines to sewerage. All those systems should be running like clockwork to provide you with a 100% comfortable householding life without hinting at any issues.

Unfortunately, plumbing problems, especially sewage ones, are widespread among residential and commercial areas. And sometimes it turns out to be pretty complicated to unclog sink or clean sink drain entirely without any outside professional help.

Of course, some minor sewage clogging issues, eliminating any of which does not require special skills, are easy to solve on your own. This article will consider all the possible culprits of sewer issues and professional and amateur ways to fix clogged sinks in your dwelling.

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A clogged drain in your living area

When your plumbing fixtures are not working correctly, there are many reasons why it is so. All the troubleshooting approaches are pretty different, but they all aim at solving the issues of a clogged drain. But before finding a clue to the problem, it is desperately needed to figure out how to prevent such unpleasantness in advance. Here we go!

Kitchen sink clogged issues, and why do they erupt?

 Any kitchen is a pretty busy working area, which is involved in boiling, frying, baking and finally dishwashing as a result of all the previously mentioned activity. Your kitchen sink experiences a tremendous workload daily; therefore, many issues can erupt.

What can hide in your kitchen drain?

  • All the kitchen drain issues occur due to the tiny food leftovers in the sewage line. The next, less obvious culprit of sewer clogging is different fats and grease.

  • The most excellent way to prevent kitchen sink clogged unpleasantness in advance is to install a garbage disposal. It is your guarantor of stable sewer operation. It decreases the possibility of the entire sewer line malfunctions many times.

  • To avoid all the possible issues, we advise you to pay careful attention to the usage of the kitchen drain: you should spot all the garbage or sweep right before it enters your drain. Other preventive measures are annual professional sewer line cleaning and maintenance.

What are the culprits of clogged bathroom sink issues?

Bathroom sinks experience less workload than their kitchen “teammate.” But despite this fact, drain backup is also an unpleasant part of the bathroom sink workflow.

In many cases, the reason for bathroom sink back up can be hair, fur and even greasy oils or scrubs for your skin. Plumbing experts usually advise users to limit the usage of such cosmetics.

Another reason for the clogged bathroom sink may be the improper installation of your sewage system, whether it be the wrong angle of any of your pipes or any other miscalculation while designing the sewer line.

How to clean kitchen drain on your own?

The key to the solution of sewer clogs may not always be professional for minor issues can try to eliminate everything independently. What are those ways to destroy all the obstacles on the way to proper sewer functioning?

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar are two must-have things for any kitchen, but not only when it comes to cooking: they may also be helpful in the fight against backup.

To clean the kitchen sink, all you have to do is:

  1. Pour soda into your kitchen or bathroom drain, and then pour 100-200 ml of vinegar.

  2. Before mixing vinegar with baking soda, we advise you to heat it in the microwave oven: heated vinegar is more effective.

  3. Then, you have to clog the drain hole at the top to allow the solution to work as efficiently as possible. Wait 15-20 minutes and pour some warm water. That’s it!

The interaction of baking soda with vinegar is called a neutralization reaction.

The pressure created in mixing these ingredients is enough to destroy minor tiny clogs but not to cope with the real “bosses of backing up.” Therefore, if this method has appeared ineffective for your particular case, we advise you to seek help from a plumber.

Professional drain unclogging

When previous drain unclogging methods are ineffective, seeking professional help will be wise. Superior Plumbing and Heating company has many excellent ways to stop the development of sewer backup’s impact on your household life.


That is quite a popular method of clog troubleshooting. Amateurs can even use it, but we advise you to refrain from doing it to avoid all the risks of harming your sewer line pipes.


The efficiency of this method is very high. High pressure allows you to clean your sewers as efficiently as possible without harming pipes and other system components.


Sewer lines are prone to many issues, and the most frequent among them is backing up. Some DIY methods to resist can help in some cases, but it is much better to seek a professional troubleshooting approach.

Superior Plumbing and Heating Company is here to decrease all the chances of sewer line clogs spoiling your mood. We offer reliable same-day sewer line repair services from our plumber from dawn to dusk.


How to clean a clogged sink?

If it is not a severe issue, a simple vinegar mixture and baking soda will be a wise move. But when it comes to big-bad clogs or miscalculations in sewage line setup, a professional approach is highly needed.

How to fix a slow draining sink?

Snaking or Hydro-jetting will undoubtedly save the day! These are the most potent approaches to sewer backup troubleshooting. It is recommended to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen to prevent such an outcome in advance. In a bathroom, it is enough to follow sink exploitation basic rules.