Out of all the plumbing services, Superior Plumbing also performs commercial grease trap installation. Our professional certified plumbers are available at all times to install a grease trap at your entity. Making Superior Plumbing your commercial contractor will secure you quality plumbing services that you do not have to wait for, as we are always just around the corner!

How does a grease trap work in a commercial kitchen?

A grease trap (or a grease interceptor), is a plumbing fixture that filters out oils, grease and fats washed down the drain. Because these substances vary in density with water, thus, if left to stay still for a while, they separate. A grease trap constitutes a reservoir, in which the wastewater flows and cools, allowing the fats, oils and grease to go up, and some hard particles to sink. After the wastewater is separated into these three levels, the grease trap catches all these harmful residues, letting cleared water proceed further to the sewer system. If you want to prevent clogs, blockages and backups that may be extremely harmful to the functioning of your business, Superior Plumbing is always ready to assist you in installing a grease trap at your office kitchen! Call us now!

Where is a grease trap usually installed?

Depending on the type of your grease trap, it can be located in different places. If you choose an indoor trap, it should be located either under your sink or inside the kitchen floor. These kinds of grease traps are usually smaller in size and can hold a lesser amount of water. Exterior grease traps, on the other hand, are installed outside of your entity, underground, and have a significantly larger capacity. Superior Plumbing qualified professionals will expertly consult you on the location of the grease trap and install it swiftly with no delays for your entity! Contact us today!

How long does it take to install a commercial grease trap?

Superior Plumbing operates on the basis of the same-day service, meaning that we arrive as soon as possible right after your order. Due to the usage of modern technologies, the grease trap installation process does not take up much time at all. Local certified plumbers will install your plumbing fixtures in a matter of hours, thus not hampering your business. We know that extensive plumbing works can cause customer outflow, that is why Superior Plumbing deals with everything promptly. Call us right now to become our commercial contractors!

Should a grease trap be full of water?

It is not recommended for the grease trap to be filled with both water and residue for more than 25% of the grease trap. If you see that the tank is exactly 25% full, that means it is time to clean it. If the wastewater takes up more than a quarter of the grease trap, it is a sign that your fixture needs immediate replacement. Trusting maintenance and installation tasks to Superior Plumbing will save you from worrying about the condition of your plumbing appliances!

How much is a grease trap to install?

The cost of commercial kitchen grease trap installation fluctuates from case to case. What stays the same, however, is our service call price of 99$! It is a fixed sum that is included in your final bill. Furthermore, to be completely wallet-friendly for our clients, Superior Plumbing has developed an extensive discount and special offers system that you can check out on our website! Do not hesitate to contact us today!