For hospitality and public catering industries facilities, a kitchen sprayer is indeed a handy fixture to have. It makes cooking and dishwashing processes much easier, allowing you to have pressurized water flow in the palm of your hand. However, a sink sprayer is often a source of trouble – when malfunctioning, it can significantly impact your commercial kitchen productivity.

Superior Plumbing & Heating offers your enterprise fast emergency plumbing services, including commercial kitchen sink sprayer repair and replacement.

How to repair a kitchen sink sprayer?

A sink sprayer can be malfunctioning for multiple reasons. Determine the exact one you are dealing with is the key to successful repairs. The most frequently met sprayer failure causes are the following:

  • Sediments buildups inside the sprayer head. Usually, the sprayer head’s nozzles are tight, and for minerals and sediments your water supply is filled with, it’s easy to gather inside it. Whan it happens, it can even be noticed with the naked eye – you can see whitish lime and calcium deposits on the outside of the sprayer’s nozzles. The problem is solved easily by dismantling the sprayer head and sinking it in cleaning liquid for a couple of minutes.
  • Reduced water pressure in the faucet. If your sprayer’s water flow has reduced pressure, the problem may lie in different spots. First of all, it is necessary to detect whether your sprayer head is the culprit or it’s a faucet problem. If the sprayer head is dismantled and the water pressure from the hose returns to normal level – you need head replacement. If it’s not, you may also check the supply line valve under your sink.
  • Clogged faucet. The faucet your sprayer is connected to can also be clogged or blocked by mineral buildups. The only way to check it up is the dismantle the whole faucet and inspect it manually. In some cases, the blockage can be easily removed, but sometimes faucet replacement may be required.
  • Sprayer hose leaks. A leaking hose is also a usual problem for fixtures dealing with pressurized water. If the leak is located in hose connection points, it can be fixed by threads tightening. You can also use plumbing tape for thread wrapping to prevent it from loosening again in the near future. And is the hose cracked in the middle – replacement is the only solution.

Kitchen sprayer fixing is definitely not a thing to try by yourself. Plumbing expert callout is strongly recommended. Superior Plumbing & Heating is available around the corner and round the clock – feel free to contact us and order a $99 service call. We can give you a hand in case of any plumbing issue – from emergency to routine.