How to fix a driveway drain?

Nature is impressive, especially in our country, Canada. You and I can enjoy its diversity, watch sunsets and sunrises, bask in the sun. But in this world, some forces of nature can disrupt our comfort. To defend against the heavy rainfalls, our houses are equipped with French drains and driveway drains. In case of this helpful equipment failure, especially in rainy regions, it is vital to perform repairing procedures quickly and efficiently.

Unobvious storm drain repair factors

Without rainwater drainage, our cities would be in chaos after every rainfall. The prototypes of such communications were developed in the cities of the Indian civilization. It is unlikely that there is a city on the planet with no rainwater drainage system.

The most common problem is equipment wear and tear. It usually occurs because rainwater travels a long way, and before ending up in your drain, it collects many substances that damage the drainage system. Various machine oils, fats, antifreeze, fertilizers, and pesticides enter the storm sewer from neighbouring gardens.

Also, in the absence of proper care of the drainage equipment, rather large garbage can accumulate there: various waste products, fallen leaves, mud, sticks, and food waste. It is not uncommon for the sewage system to do its job perfectly for many decades, but it stopped functioning correctly due to lack of maintenance and led to the flooding of nearby territories.

Due to time, problems may arise with the material from which pipes and drains are made. Traditionally, two types of materials are used: concrete and steel. Like any alloy of metal, steel is subjected to erosion and subsequent pipe destruction due to water. Concrete is a slightly different story. It cannot corrode, but after a while, it can begin to deteriorate.

On an urban scale, stormwater problems can lead to flooding, severe economic impact, and flora and fauna issues in nearby rivers and lakes. Light flooding in your home, for its part, can adversely affect the quality and strength of the foundation and flood your basement.

If you need high-quality drain repair services, we recommend seeking help from professionals to rule out all the possible negative consequences after amateur repair. Our guys are always glad to fight with all types of storm drain malfunctions.

Tired of having your driveway drain clogged?

A bunch of tips and secrets on how to take care of your driveway drain and avoid clogging. Regular preventive measures in any area of our life will not be excessive. People often ignore their implementation, leading to complex consequences requiring complex repairs or complete equipment replacement. We recommend that you adhere to these rules.

Autumn is the time of bright orange colours and cleaning of the driveway drains. At this time of the year, we face many leaves and dirt everywhere. And storm drains are no exception. Therefore, autumn is the best time for preventive cleaning. After removing the large debris, you can take a regular garden hose and rinse your outdoor drain pipe. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and, in case of heavy rainfall, check the functionality of the drains. It is also recommended to check the equipment for blockages in early spring when the dirt is quite large.

Some people deliberately dump garbage from their sites into the storm sewer, which is strictly forbidden. According to research data, plumbers have failed to cope with their tasks in areas affected by floods due to misuse of this vital equipment. If you need to dispose of waste, use compost pits or contact your waste disposal service.

If you have already encountered a breakdown, our specialists with a great bunch of experience under their belts are always ready to lend you helping hands and perform high-quality driveway drain pipe repair.

Clogged outdoor drain pipe repair techniques

Due to the heavy load on the outdoor drain system during heavy rains or the lack of frequent preventive cleaning of pipes, blockages or other types of breakdowns may occur. What to do in this case?

The approach to fixing the problem depends on its complexity. Specialists most often use a special sewer cleaning machine, the principle of which is quite simple and close to plumbing snaking. A special spiral cable is connected to the device that spins it. The thickness of the cable depends on the complexity of the blockage. This rotating cable can destroy the backup. But this type of cleaning is not suitable for rough pipes, namely for corrugated or perforated pipes. What to do with this type of pipe?

A less “traumatic” method will help you – hydro-jetting. This method involves flushing the pipe with a high-pressure water jet. Experts consider this type of blockage removal to be more versatile.

Most modern underground drain repair technology

When a pipe breaks underground, few people want to dig up their yard. It’s good that we live in the 21st century, where it is not difficult to fix a pipe without creating a huge mess.

Specialists often resort to No Dig Technology. First, they inspect the pipe for malfunctions with special cameras that are inserted into the line. This technology helps to determine the location of the breakdown accurately. Then, the pipe is flushed using the above methods. And after that, an “implant” made of a durable material – liner is inserted into the tube. Then, a calibration hose is inverted into the new liner using water pressure. And in this way, the liner gets the shape of the pipe. And that’s it! The specialists from our company have the necessary experience and equipment for comprehensive assistance.

Sewer line replacement needed? Call us now!

When the storm drain is many years old, considerable damage to the pipe will be felt all the time. Therefore, only a complete replacement of this entire system can solve the problem in a few cases. Our experts will be happy to help you with this challenging task.