How to repair underground drain pipe?

Superior Plumbing offers to our customers various types of underground drain pipe repair services around the clock. Our professional certified plumbers perform regular as well as trenchless pipe repair using the most up-to-date technologies and equipment. Due to our same-day service policy, we are always on time and arrive shortly after your call. The days when you had to book a plumbing service several days in advance have passed. We are always just around the corner and will come quickly in case of any plumbing emergency. To save even more of your time and prevent the plumbing damage from spreading, our professional operators will instruct you on the course of action to take in relation to your broken fixtures while you are waiting for our plumber to arrive. Call us whenever you need, and we will readily assist you in fixing your drain.

In this article, our licensed plumbers cover all the common topics related to drain repair. Being one of the most common plumbing issues, drain malfunction has nasty consequences and requires professional assistance. DIYing is not the best solution when your sewage is malfunctioning. By calling Superior Plumbing, you will save yourself from all the trouble of lengthy and costly plumbing repairs. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Superior Plumbing straight away. Our call operators will answer any of your queries.

How to know that you need drain line repair?

Most homeowners do not really think about the condition of their drain piping system until it starts malfunctioning. This is natural since we tend not to worry about things that do not bother us and seem to work just fine. However, when it comes to sewers and drains, it is highly important to remember that they will not last long without proper care. Talking about modern houses, the pipes are usually made from PVC materials that are durable and not prone to corrosion or other significant damage. On the other hand, older buildings have ceramic or cast iron piping systems that could be around 50 years old and are certainly more likely to collapse. Hence, if you live in an old house, conducting regular inspections and taking maintenance measures, or even replacing your piping system completely, is the key to the durability of your home sewage.

Superior Plumbing qualified plumbers perform drain pipe repair services promptly and for a reasonable price. Depending on the issue, our workers can easily unclog, patch, reline, and replace your drain. We use only the most updated equipment to make sure that the results of our procedures will last for a long time. If you think that your drain system needs a professional look at it, contact Superior Plumbing now!

Trenchless underground pipe repair modern techniques

Digging up your entire yard to just repair one segment of the pipe is not exactly what you can call a pleasant job. It certainly takes up a lot of time and effort both for the plumbing company and the clients, who have to delay all their errands and create a flexible schedule for 2-3 days. Nor is it enjoyable for your neighbours to listen to excavators and loud workers for a long period of time. Luckily, you can easily avoid this mayhem now.

Trenchless pipe repair is the new way to fix your sewer system without delving into your yard’s landscape. The process is carried out, as the name suggests, without having to create trenches. This will save you days worth of hard work and a totally destructed yard or house flooring. First, we inspect the pipes to locate the damage. Then, the lines are cleaned with a hydro-jet to make sure nothing obstructs the new pipe. To perform the trenchless repair, the plumbing cleanout and small access points are opened to reach the pipe. The repair itself lies in inserting a flexible epoxy pipe into the old one. The new pipe is bendable, so it can easily adjust to all the curves and width changes of the drain. After the pipe is inserted, it hardens and thus securely covers the old damaged line from the inside. The materials used for this are incredibly durable and can last from 50 to 100 years if properly maintained.

Trenchless pipe repair is swift and completely harmless for your sewer system together with the plumbing fixtures. Superior Plumbing is an expert in trenchless repair methods. We will conduct the procedure promptly and in accordance with all the regulations. Call us now to get your sewer system replaced in a blink of an eye!

How to fix a broken sewer line?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider calling a plumber. When it comes to the sewer system, it isn’t difficult to miss some of the signs that the lines require immediate plumbing attention. Among those factors are:

  • Foul smell from the drain;
  • Slow water drainage;
  • Unusually green and lush patches of grass at your patio;
  • Frequent cloggings and backup;
  • Weird bubbling or gurgling noises coming from your fixtures;
  • Rodents;
  • Mouldy and damp walls;
  • Soft or wet spots in the ground, etc.

If you notice any of these points in your home, it means it is high time you contacted Superior Plumbing! However, in case your sewage has no such “symptoms”, you should still refer to a professional plumber once in a while. Old pipes, though running perfectly, may still need replacement because of their age. Systematic maintenance may also prolong the life of your sewer lines and prevent unexpected plumbing emergencies in the future. As they say: “Better safe than sorry”!

Another cause of sewer damage may not be so apparent. Tree roots can easily grow into the pipes, penetrate them and hamper the flow of water. They are extremely hard to get rid of, especially if the trees are old with thick and extensive root systems. If you buy a new house, it would help to know where exactly your sewer main is situated to not plant anything near that area.

Mould and damp spots on your house’s walls, ceiling, or flooring are very conspicuous signs that you have a faulty sewage system. It is crucial to note this problem before it is too late. Devote your time to walking around the house and inspecting it for any wet and soft spots. Most likely, the problem will be most evident in your basement or attic.

Superior Plumbing offers to our clients rigorous inspections of your sewer system to determine its condition. We use CCTV cameras attached to a plumbing snake to make sure we do not miss any smallest detail.

One of the most major problems that can occur due to the neglect of your sewage is backup. The consequences of this mishap are destructing and very hard to fix. A backup happens when the sewer line is clogged to the extent that water cannot pass through the pipe anymore, and the only way out for it is through your fixtures. Blockages can happen for numerous reasons, including FOG (fats, oils, and grease), food particles, biological waste, foreign objects, tree roots, and even the improper thickness of your toilet paper. That is why it is crucial to try and keep your drains clean at all times.

Nonetheless, if your fixture backs up, Superior Plumbing will assist you in clearing it. Our certified plumbers use efficient equipment like plumbing snakes or hydro-jets to ensure the repair service’s safety and effectiveness. Provided your pipelines require replacement, Superior Plumbing local certified plumbers perform trenchless sewer relining and replacement to minimize the damage to your yard and house. We offer our clients pipes made only from long-lasting and damage-resistant materials like PVC. Unlike old clay or cast iron pipes that last for less than 50 years, this material stays great for a century (if properly maintained, of course)! Contact Superior Plumbing today!

Clogged sewer line prevention tips

When talking about clogged sewers, it is important that you actually understand how the sewer works. The main sewer line is located underground and runs from your house to the street. It is usually 4 inches wide, although there are some exceptions with the width of 3 inches. The main sewer connects to the house drain and, if it is clogged, multiple fixtures in your house may back up. If the clog is severe, it can even cause floor drain backup, and your basement will get flooded. That is why it is so important to keep an eye on your sewer lines and call a professional when you think something may be wrong.

As it has been mentioned above, clogging can happen for various reasons, including:

  • FOG
  • Coffee grounds
  • Food residue
  • Human waste
  • Foreign objects
  • Toilet paper
  • Tree roots
  • Pipe damage

Accumulation of any of these objects in your pipe has a high chance of jamming the drain. And garbage disposal units are of little help here since they do not filter everything perfectly and still let through some product particles. As harmless as they may seem, coffee grounds can dissolve into a sticky mass when in contact with water. The accumulation of this gunk obviously leads to blockages. Concerning the toilet drain, if you use too much toilet paper, or it is simply too thick, it can also stand in the way of the water flushing correctly and result in a clog. Besides, everyone knows that one should not flush any foreign objects (like pads, for example) down the drain, however, a big percentage of people still do it despite the warnings. Correctly disposing of any waste makes a big contribution to the condition of your sewers and drains.

Superior Plumbing is delighted to propose to customers our sewer inspection services to make sure that your pipelines are always in a perfect state. We use modern CCTV cameras so that we do not have to dig up the ground or ruin your flooring to look at the drains. It is an easy and excellent way to find any damage or clogging and eliminate it quickly using appropriate tools. Such inspections must be conducted systematically to maintain your sewer line in the tip-top shape, as well as prolong its life. Our qualified specialists will conduct the check-up swiftly and explain every smallest detail to you in plain English. We will also provide you with exact instructions on how to act to prevent further clogging. Contact us now to receive this service for a reasonable price!

Hydro-jetting – the most efficient drain unclogging method

Cleaning a blocked pipe yourself is a dead frost, especially when most tips on the internet include white vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. These homemade methods are not only ineffective but also take up much of your precious time. It is better to trust drain cleaning to a professional who knows what he is doing and uses appropriate equipment.

One of the most common methods of unclogging a pipe is hydro-jetting. A hydro-jet utilizes a high-pressure stream of water aimed right at the clog to clean it perfectly and swiftly. Unlike a plumbing snake, a hydro-jet is much more powerful and resolves the blockage in seconds, as well as leaves your drains spotless. The benefits of hydro-jetting do not end on that. Because it uses water solely, no harmful chemicals will be poured into your drain. The method is absolutely harmless and eco-friendly. Some say that hydro-jetting can damage pipes. This is not true! Unless your piping system is old and damaged in and of itself, a hydro-jet will not destruct it in any way. It is a very safe and efficient drain cleaning method that guarantees lasting results.

Superior Plumbing local licensed plumbers are experts in hydro-jetting and will carry out the service swiftly. Prior to the procedure, we will inspect your drains to locate the damage and make sure that they are suitable for this unclogging method. Call Superior Plumbing right now to get your piping system hydro-jetted!

Superior Plumbing is the ultimate plumbing company that provides reliable and trustworthy services. Drain cleaning is one of our main specialties, hence the plumbers are always ready to take on the challenge of repairing your sewage. Having been on the market for a long time now, we know exactly what our customers want. Saving time and resolving the plumbing issue as quickly as possible are two significant assets considered by a high number of our clients. That is why Superior Plumbing never delays our services and arrives at your house soon after your request. Due to the fact that we only use modern technologies, the repair process is swift and efficient. Superior Plumbing also pays attention to the financial state of our clients. We have developed an extensive system of discount coupons and special offers to fit any budget. You can check them out on our website right now!