How effective is trenchless sewer line repair?

Supply and waste drainage lines are the main arteries of our daily lives. They affect both our industrial and domestic well-being. As underground pipelines are unseen, the general public does not always pay them the attention they deserve.

The importance and value of a well-functioning pipeline infrastructure become evident as soon as failures occur. Because the effects of these failures are often drastic for the parties concerned, damaged sewers are no exception. The exfiltration of wastewater pollutes the groundwater. The infiltration with penetrating freshwater is an unnecessary burden for the wastewater treatment plants. Thus, the improvement and maintenance of water and gas supply pipelines and sewer drainage pipelines should have absolute priority.

So why are residential householders so afraid of the underground pipes renovation process? Maybe most of them imagine their gardens completely ripped apart without knowing that trenchless pipe repair actually exists.

Underground drain repair without digging – how is it possible?

The worldwide effort for the renovation and replacement of sewage pipelines has reached alarming dimensions. Repair or renovation is not always possible. When the pipe is no longer sustainable in its structure or even hydraulically overburdened, it has to be renewed. Many pipe renewal projects are carried out using the pipe bursting method, thus without open trenches. This manipulation is called trenchless sewer line replacement.

Trenchless drain replacement

This method comes along with an enormous cost advantage also construction and traffic aspects as well as resident interests increasingly call for trenchless methods.

There are two different pipe bursting methods:

  • Dynamic. When dynamic pipe bursting is being applied a pneumatic hammer or ramming machine is propelled through the old pipe with the assistance of a winch that performs the actual pipe bursting operation. Whilst simultaneously pulling in the new pipe size for size or upsizing of existing pipelines is also possible.
  • Static. A hydraulically driven static pipe bursting rig pushes the quick-lock rods up to 200 meters into the internal line of the old pipe. On arrival in the target pit, the bursting tools with the new pipe are connected. While the rods are being pulled back in the old pipe is fragmented and displaced, and a new pipe of equal or larger pipe diameter is pulled in at the same time. Under favorable conditions, the rods can be pulled back through the rig and simultaneously pushed into the rear-facing mains, ready for the next bursting operation. A highly productive solution.

Is trenchless drainage system repair time-consuming?

In practice, the time needed for the rod string assembly and disassembly for an entire two-way mains replacement is several times less than the time required for excavating jobs. House connections can be installed or replaced directly from out of the pit or the manhole to the interim pit without open trenches.

Trenchless sewer line installation – what materials can be used?

Some sewer lines are made of brittle materials like vitrified clay concrete or grey cast iron. In such cases, a bursting cone and sleeve are utilized, shattering the defective pipe into small shards and displacing them into the surrounding soil. Materials that are hard to break, such as steel ductile cast iron or plastic, are cut open with a cutting or roller blade and pushed apart with an expander.

Pipe manufacturers have developed pipes with functional protective coatings which conform to the requirements of pipe bursting. Industrially produced and tested pipes, mainly made of high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, cross-linked polyethylene plastic pipes, cast iron, steel, stoneware, and polymer concrete pipes, can be installed.

How to order an outdoor drain pipe repair?

Our customers know pretty well – if success on the jobsite is required, you must have a contractor with reliable equipment. That is why our trenchless sewer repair method is so popular, unlike the old-fashioned digging. If your outdoor pipers require replacement, you can call our operator or contact us via the special form – we will call you back as soon as possible and settle the appointment of our experts within the shortest time period!